Hello From Guatemala

Hello All, I am currently on a three week trip to Guatemala and thus this post will not have apostrophes or dashes because foreign keyboards have all the symbols mixed up. But posts will continue, from myself and select colleagues, so continue to check back in. As far as my reading adventures down here, I came down expecting to be able to find a cheap copy of Augusto Monterrosos short stories (famous Guatemalan short story writer), but none of the six bookstores I have visited have a copy. They all have copies of Miguel Ángel Asturias El Senor Presidente (Guatemalan who won the Nobel Prize for literature), but are charging $36 US dollars for it (!!!). What happened to cheap secondhand books in English abroad? Alas, alas.

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3 thoughts on “Hello From Guatemala

  1. Emily Stone says:

    Well, books are expensive in Guatemala–it’s not such a competitive market. Try Sophos in Zone 9 or Zone 10 in Guatemala City–they probably have the best Spanish language collection–but the books are new and expensive. Cafe No Se in Antigua and another place whose name I don’t know on Lago de Atitlan carry great English language lit, but second hand books in Spanish are hard to find, except if you know where to look in the Zone 1 markets in Guatemala City. You might want to try the university library in Guatemala City. If the book happens to be published locally, just call the printing house. I know a bit about books in Guatemala–if you have more questions, you could email me at EmilyStone201[at]gmail.com.

  2. James Roland says:

    I’m so bummed you didn’t ask me to guest write. I’m almost done with Lord of the Flies but was distracted by a comic. I could write about that.

  3. johnfox says:

    Emily, you are a wealth of knowledge. Why didn´t you come on my trip with me? You could have been my book locator. And, thanks for the suggestions, I will continue to look.
    Oh James. If only I had known. But then again, it really all depends on the quality of the comic strip. Ziggy won´t cut it.

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