Adoption PartyHow to WriteCharacterDevelopment
If you’re stumped on names for your characters, check out this character name generator with thousands of suggestions.Do you pay enough attention to your minor characters? This essay teaches you how to create memorable secondary characters.A fully loaded primer on how to develop your characters, including 6 tricks and 9 questions.
Character Questionnaires 2GiganticList of CharacterDescriptionsNaming Your Cool Characters
If you can answer these questions about your character, then you have developed a real person on the page.Aren’t you tired of the same old boring character descriptions of hair and eye color? Spice it up.Ideas for how to name your characters, with plenty of examples to spark the imagination.

Short Stories:

Short (1)How to write a short storyShort Story Writer
Supercharge your imagination with these 72 short story ideas.If you’re just starting to experiment with short stories, check out this helpful guide with 9 easy steps.Just for fun: a quiz to see which short story writer you are.
Publishers Short Story CollectionsShort Story Editing
Find a publisher for your short story collection. Only have a single short story? Check out the rankings.Bookfox offers professional advice on your short story. Find out what I can do for you.

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Facebook groups provide community and advice. Join these groups today.14 podcasts essential for every writer’s journey. Don’t let your commutes be filled with news.Pinterest for writers! Check out the top 20 Pinterest boards aimed at helping writers.

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10 different posts of writing prompts, from story generators to musical prompts.


The Top-2Poetry Submissions
Literary Magazines ranked by how often they have appeared in the Best American Short Stories.Poetry journals ranked by how often they’ve appeared in the Best American Poetry.Nonfiction magazines ranked by how often they’ve appeared in Best American Essays.Travel Magazines ranked by how often they’ve appeared in Best American Travel Essays.


Writing Advice:

10-MistakesWritersMake-1-768x644BingeWritinghow toPAINT-1-724x1024
This isn’t advice you’ve heard before. These 10 career mistakes are likely things you’re doing right now.Don’t feel the pressure to write every day. You can be just as productive through binge writing.When you get out of a creative writing MFA, it’s time to act. Don’t make the most common mistakes.



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Creative Writing Craft

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