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Publishing the Debut Novel: An Interview with Lindsey Lee Johnson

Lindsey Lee Johnson, The Most Dangerous Place on EarthIf you want to learn how to publish your first novel, and if you want to pick up some key writing tips along the way, keep reading.

This is an interview with Lindsey Lee Johnson, whose debut novel The Most Dangerous Place on Earth is getting rave reviews from the likes of:

What is the most dangerous place on earth, you ask? Spoiler alert: It’s high school.

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15 Boardgames to Help Writers



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Don’t Cut the NEA: 20 Ways the Government Spends $150 Million

Donald Trump plans to cut the funding for the NEA, the National Endowment for the Arts.

The budget for the NEA is $150 million annually.

To the average person, $150 million a year sounds like a lot of money. But since $150 million is actually only .006% of the annual budget of the federal government, it’s actually quite small.

Here is a list of some other things the U.S. Government spends $150 million on.

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Why I Chose a Business Conference over a Writing Conference

Why Writers Should Attend Business ConferencesAs a writer, I’ve attended my fair share of writing conferences: AWP (many times), Bookexpo, Squaw Valley Writers’ Conference, and many more.

So this year I decided to attend a business conference instead, and it was a wise decision. I attended the GO Summit by Fastermind, an intimate, 100-person conference, and it was revolutionary.

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How To Create Successful Writing Goals

writing-goalsWelcome to the New Year!

Have you made your writing goals yet?

Writing goals are one of those things most writers either shy away from or slouch into. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s look at 3 typical writing goals, and I’ll show you why they’re bad goals and how you can improve them.

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22 Tax Deductions for Writers

taxesforwriters-saved-for-webWriters, as a group, are usually bad at taxes. That’s because we’re not numbers people.

But you’ve got to get better at your taxes, because it’s costing you a fortune. Writers pay about 30% of their income for taxes. And that’s after an agent takes 15%, or after several publications don’t pay you for freelance articles, so it’s really hurting your bottom line.

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Suicidal Writers and the Promise of Immortality

my-booksare-moreimportant-saved-for-webWhat would you do if a writer emailed you saying they were going to commit suicide?

It happened to Cynthia McCabe, a journalist at the Washington Post.

She was in bed one night, checking her email, and read an email from a complete stranger named Dennis Williams who said that he’d published one novel that no one had read, written 8 other unpublished books, and that he was committing suicide that very night.

Why? Because Williams had said all that he had to say. Because he considered his life work to be bound up in those 8 unpublished books and one published novel, and if no one was going to listen, he would commit suicide.

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23 Gold-Mine Grants for Writers

23 bestAs writers with a whopping-size project in our lap, sometimes we need to get the green before we can make the green. Only how? Let’s face it: writing may be feel absolutely liberating, but it’s not a money-making machine; most writers fulfill their dreams because they can’t think about doing anything else. The reality of filling up our piggy banks just slips into the back of our minds.

So when you find yourself weighed down by a time-consuming writing project, your passion for the written word alone might not get you off the couch. That’s when organizations throw you a lifesaver of a writing grant, so you can pursue your passion while also saving your budget.

Below are 23 great grants for writers to help you fund your writing project.

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15 Best Online Creative Writing Courses (Free and Paid)

I’ve divided the following list between the free classes and the paid classes, so you have a better idea of what is out there for you.

Be careful to distinguish between courses that come with feedback on your writing and ones that just include information. Both can be helpful, but make sure you’re signing up for what you need. 

Also, be aware of the differences between courses that include a teacher and those that just have audio or video lectures. The lectures can be helpful, but it’s always great to ask someone questions.

I hope you enjoy this list! Contact me on the “About Me” page above if you have any questions.

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10 Career Mistakes Writers Must Avoid

10 MistakesWritersMakeThis is the writing advice I needed long, long ago, when I was just starting as a writer. I probably wouldn’t have believed these were all mistakes (because of #1), but I wish I would have. 

This writing advice would have saved me a lot of broken drafts and a lot of failed expectations.

After you read this, pick your favorite 3 or 4 points and tape them to the wall above your writing desk. Remind yourself of this writing advice often enough, and you’ll have a much better chance of success.

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