John Matthew Fox
John Matthew Fox

I’m John Matthew Fox, founder of Bookfox, and I help authors write better fiction.

I’ve been writing on this site since 2006, with nearly 1,000 posts and 3 million annual readers. Over that time period, I’ve helped hundreds of authors write, revise, and publish their books.

How do I help writers? Three ways: 

My Background

Professor: For eight years I taught writing at the University of Southern California and then at Chapman University.

Editor: After I quit academia, I shifted into a full-time job as an editor — not the punctuation and grammar type, but the type that gives feedback on how to improve the characters and storyline.

Course Creator: Currently, I focus on creating writing courses for fiction writers, helping them tell stories that readers love.

My Writing

My background is in literary fiction, but I’m not a genre snob — I like science-fiction and fantasy and mystery and YA too. Good writers learn from a variety of genres.

My first book, published with Press 53, is called “I Will Shout Your Name.” I have a second book coming out in late 2021: “The Linchpin Writer: Crafting Your Novel’s Key Moments.”

I’ve also published more than forty short stories, and some important people have liked my fiction:

  • Ann Beattie awarded me first place in the “Third Coast Fiction Contest.”
  • Shenandoah gave me their annual “Shenandoah Prize” for the best story that year.
  • Chicago Tribune awarded me 2nd place in their “Nelson Algren” competition, and published my story in their newspaper.

Oh, and Bookfox has racked up some nice compliments from these folks:

How I’m Different

There are a number of big corporations trying to sell you a solution for your book. I’m a little different.

I’m a fellow writer who wants to help you create a great book. 

Many publishing companies just put you on a conveyor belt, trying to pump out your book as quickly as possible.

But I care about the quality of your book.

My philosophy is: If you’re going to publish a book, you might as well make it a good one.


Personal Stuff

  • I live in Orange County, California, but love to travel internationally.
  • I’m married to a lovely lady and we have eight-year-old twins.
  • I also have a labradoodle named Roxy and six chickens.

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