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100 of the Best Publications for Short Mystery Stories

Publish Mystery StoriesAfter writing a short mystery story filled with suspense and plot twists, the next step is figuring out the best way to publish your work. With a laundry list of publications to choose from, where should you submit your short mystery story? I’ve done all the work for you by racking up a list of prime places to show off your mystery.

I used a simple point system to do the ranking by looking up the publications stemming from the stories collected in the last five editions of The Best American Mystery Stories series, from 2011 to 2015.

Every time a publication is in the anthology for a story, I gave it three points. When it was mentioned in the “Other Distinguished Mystery Stories” in the back of the book, I gave it one point. 

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Best Places to Submit Poetry: A Ranking of Literary Magazines

Poetry SubmissionsOne of the hardest things about literary magazines is dealing with the overwhelming number of them. You can’t keep up-to-date on all of them, so how do you decide which are really worth your time?

Of course, everyone knows about Poetry Magazineand I’d like to hear of a writer who isn’t on the New Yorker email list, but there are so many wonderful, small publications out there, just waiting for you to dive into their websites to scan their archives, read some poetry, or submit poetry.

To find out what lit mags are favored by editors, I picked through the past seven years of the anthology The Best American PoetryThis gave me an enlightening look at which publications are on their watch list. I went through the 2011 – 2017 indexes to see where the poems included in each anthology were originally published and where the editors presumably stumbled across them. I hope this will help you select good markets for your poetry submissions.

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