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Why It’s Futile to List Journals Accepting Online Submissions

I'm going to retire my longstanding page that lists journals that accept online submissions (to your left). Why? It's virtually impossible to keep up, seeing as how journals are flocking to online submissions. It would probably be easier by now to have a list of journals that don't accept online submissions.

If by this point, literary journals still aren't accepting online submissions, they are one of the following:

a. Big enough so that you will send your submission anyways, in the wild hope that you will be the one out of 20,000 they rescue from the slush vortex.

b. Don't really want slush pile submissions. After all, it's kind of annoying to have to reject all of them in favor of solicited, agented submissions.

c. Old, stubborn, and unable to read on those newfangled screen thingys. Kindle means to start a fire, right?

d. So technologically impotent they can't figure out how to integrate Submishmash, Tellitslant or CLMP. And believe that all culture should remain in the 90s, before the millinium came and ruined everything.

e. Believe in the sanctity of the United States Postal Service, and would love to have authors tithe most of their income to buy stamps and postage. 

f. All of the above.

Swing to Electronic Submissions

The shift to electronic submissions for literary journals has reached a tipping point — more than 50% of journals are accepting some form of electronic submission. What this means is that the pressure has shifted off the journals accepting electronic (the pressure of a expanding slush pile), and has shifted to the journals who still only accept snail mail submissions (the pressure of seeming archaic). 

For some sample statistics, I'll use the categories in my Rankings of Literary Journals, which includes almost exclusively print journals — these percentages would rise dramatically if online journals were included.

In the Extremely Competitive category, 4 out of 7 journals accept online submissions (57%).

In the Highly Competitive Category, 8 out of 17 accept online submissions (47%).

In the Strongly Competitive Category, 29 out of 52 accept online submissions (56%).

One factor that's speeded up the recent shift to electronic submissions has been Submishmash, which is free, unlike the previous dominant submissions manager provided by CLMP, which charged a licensing fee. Three high profile recent converts to Submishmash are Harvard Review, North American Review and New England Review.

Thankfully — for writers — only a small minority of journals have begun charging for electronic submissions, although I think this could change in the future.

If you want a list of journals accepting electronic submissions, check out my list on the left. Of course, if journals keep on permitting online submissions at this rate, I'll have to dismantle the list and replace it with the much shorter list of journals that don't accept online submissions.

Top 100 Journals Accepting Online Submissions

As of July 2015, 80 of the top 100 journals accept online submissions.

Of those 80, 43 charge reading fees.

I would strongly advise you to submit first to the journals without submission fees, submit reluctantly to those that charge fees, and never submit to anyone that charges more than $3 (unless it’s a contest where the prize is $1000 or greater).

I hope this list makes submitting to literary magazines a little easier.

Lastly, look below this article to find some other lists here at Bookfox which might be interesting.

If you know a journal that isn’t mentioned here, please leave it in the comments section.

The journals are listed in a rough order from the heavy-hitters down to the indie.

Top Journals Accepting Online Submissions


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