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20 Essential Pinterest Boards for Writers

Pinterest isn’t just a playground of DIY crafts, cake pop recipes, and humorous memes; it also inspires and offers guidance for the everyday writer.

Whether you want to spice up your book, find resources on drafting your first novel, or boost your creativity, here are 20 Pinterest boards to motivate your inner writer.

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20 Facebook Groups for Writers

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.00.42 PMEveryone tells authors that they have to promote themselves on Facebook, but nobody really wants to hear other people promote their books all the time.

So the 20 Facebook groups below are not for self-promotion. They’re for community building.

Maybe someone you meet in one of these groups will help you find your next writing retreat, or give you feedback on your next manuscript. Maybe you’ll just get a lot of tips from these Facebook groups for writers on how to live the writing life.

As a member of several of these groups, I find that I’m a better member of the writing community when I’m plugged into the news of other writers. They’ve turned me on to:

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