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“I subscribed to your newsletter recently and I just wanted to reach out and tell you how unbelievably, ecstatically glad I am that I did. You’ve helped clear up the fuzz about writing my book more than any Google search, website, blog, podcast, you name it.”

– Sabreen Swan

“I just wanted to tell you that the emails you’ve sent me so far have been the most helpful out of any website or newsletter.”

– Pat Antonelli

“I also have to say what a pleasant, extremely welcome change it is to see someone producing a newsletter that’s not only informative but well written. So much of what I’ve been seeing isn’t. My hat’s off to you – cliche as that sounds.”

– Susan M Boyce

“I am writing to thank you for all the nuggets of wisdom and writing tips in your emails. Subscribing to them has been one of the best decisions I made as a writer!”

– Desree Isibor

“Thank you for your weekly Wednesday letters to the Bookfoxers. They are encouraging and inspiring, and keep me hopeful that publication is just around the corner.”

– Anita Bunten

“Love your newsletter, by the way. It always contains something that challenges me, inspires me, or helps me in some way with my writing career. A very valuable gem.”

– Laura Carmichael

“As a self published author, I often receive emails from people giving advice and offering to help promote my books, but I want you to know that your email on the importance of the point of view of a story really got my attention.”

– Cathie Whitmore

“Your newsletter is one of a handful that I actually read. I subscribe to tons, often to encourage new writers and support friends. But truth be told I actually read very few. Yours is one. I tip my cap, sir.”

– S.J. Varengo

“Thanks for your blog and newsletter! The one themed around looking at your strengths and what is present in a novel rather than what’s missing was especially powerful. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, inspiration, and voice with all of us. I just bought your book today and am looking forward to reading it soon.”

– Tedd Hawks

“I always enjoy reading what you have to say, because it is so pertinent to my interests and creative needs.  But never more so than the email that I received this morning. In its initial impact it felt like a message from the universe addressing my spirit.”

– Barbara Howard

“Thank you for enriching my mailbox with wonderful tips and inspiration.”

– Maresa Jacobse

“This email about risky writers just helped me so much! Thank you, you really don’t understand what your newsletters have done for me!”

– Emma Taylor

“Your content quality is just too good for me to miss out on — thank you so much for all of the emails that you write, because I love reading them.”

– Danika Key

“I recently found your site and I’ve been enjoying your emails very much. Thank you for your effort. You are making a difference!”

– Diana Kate

“I just wanted to say thanks so much for putting these tips together and sending them out. I don’t know if it’s fortuitous or what, but they always seem to come at the perfect time in my writing! One minute after receiving today’s tip, I went back and found a cameo right at the beginning of my manuscript. I did some editing and the piece seems much stronger now, so thank you.”

– Karen Keesling

“Actually more than your writing resources, it is you sharing your own life experiences that’s helped me the most. Kinda like an energy boost. I love your closing salutations. I’ve followed all your tips and read all the books you’ve recommended. Your recent list of recommended books is in my Amazon cart. Also, I recently got into an MA Creative Writing program in Lancaster University, UK. I just want to thank you for helping me hone my writing, indirectly. And thank you for your amazing emails. It does make a difference.”

– Catherine Maria

“First time in my writing life I have realized my mistakes. You touched on the very mistakes I keep on doing over and over. I am so thankful I signed up for your emails. So thankful indeed.”

– Marle’ne Dee

“I’m gonna make it short, my name’s Maxence Marchand and I’m a Swiss writer. I subscribed to your newsletter when I was in the U.S. for 6 months last year. Anyways, I just wanted to write you an email to say thank you for your emails, because they always give me the juice when I’m feeling low or desperate. Keep it up! Cause I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way about all this Bookfoxing.”

– Maxence Marchand

“Thank you so much for sending me such great emails. They all gave me a lot of hope and helped me to write. This summer, when you started sending me these emails, I started to come up with new, fresh, and bigger ideas. It all helped me to plan a new book. And right now, I’m very happy with every word I’ve written for it.”

– Reyhaneh Torabzadeh

I sign up for lots of emails that say they’ll give me writing tips. Most of the time the advice is vague and often it’s advice I already know. This, though, excited me. This is something concrete I can use. Thank you very much. Looking forward to the rest of your emails.”

– Terry Newman

“I just printed all your emails so far to keep in a folder. Thank you for your generosity in passing on valuable hints.”

– Jayne Caruso

“In these days of anger, anxiety and stress, you are a breath of fresh air. Reading your Bookfoxer emails always leaves me feeling hopeful and encouraged. I may never be published, but your emails soothe my soul. Thank you for being such a wonderful, positive force. God bless you for your kind presence.”

– Marion-Frances Brown

“I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your emails!  I wish I had found you before — or as I was writing — my first book. I will be a better writer now because of you!”

– Betty Simpson

“Your emails have been consistently helpful and encouraging.  I subscribe to very few regular emails… I thoroughly enjoy yours.”

– Ben Vaught

“I enjoy reading your emails with so much wisdom and insight about writing. This latest one is the best one yet.”

– Lissette Trahan

“Your emails are truly excellent. Your teaching of craft is the perfect balance of expert pacing, enjoyable instructive text (which is hard to come by) and a practical, attainable approach…like a recipe that is not just delicious to eat once it’s prepared, but enjoyable to craft at each step along the way…”

– Elizabeth Gay

“I just wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate your emails. Multiple times your advice, inspiration, or insight has been spot on and has really helped me understand the process of writing as well as improve my own. And in the spirit of celebrating little things, as you have written about before, I wanted you to know that you are daily helping others and providing valuable insight and knowledge. So thank you for that. Thank you for being a bright spot in quite a bleak year!”

– Annie Connolly

“I receive emails from other writers, but your emails are the first ones I open. Always an encouraging, upbeat, and positive word to pass on… very much appreciated. There’s enough negative stuff floating through the air these days, so sad when we all need to hear something positive! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
– Georgia Francis

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