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At AWP, even the urinals advertise lit journals. Of course, don’t think about the connotations of advertising your lit journal on the pisser. But perhaps Bull should expand its tagline: “Fiction for Thinking [And Pissing!] Men.”

You know it’s a good reading when halfway through the story, the reader, Aaron Burch of Hobart, rips off his shirt. Pedestrians gawked. Everyone laughed.

Don’t you want to go to AWP now? Don’t you feel like you missed out?

Oh, and there was a reason behind the stripping — the story was about suspenders, the very suspenders you see on his strapping shoulders. Beautiful.

That’s Brian Hurt, director of The Loudest Voice readings (along with Amaranth Borsuk), in front of a 15-foot inflatable bunny. Sometimes it loomed over the reading in a Disneyesque way, and sometimes I swear it looked more Donny Darko-ish.

The good folks at Flatmancrooked decided to have a puppet reading. Or maybe a Reading with Puppets. Technically, the puppets only read along — no ventriloquism was performed (that’d be a little creepy, right?)

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