• Reaching bestseller lists
  • Your book turned into a movie
  • Adoring reviews in newspapers and magazines
  • Celebrities reading your book
  • Earning loads of $$$$$$$$$

But writing a novel can be difficult

How do you know where to start? How can you keep going in the middle? It’s difficult to create characters that readers love.

You need a guide to help you…

Someone who knows the way, has helped others, and can help you avoid pitfalls.

Hi, I’m John Fox, and I help authors like you.

This 36-video course offers step-by-step guidance.

Through handouts, videos, and quizzes, you will learn everything you need to write your book.

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It’s difficult to figure out the twists of plot, but I’ll give you step-by-step instructions to help you create a rip-roaring story.


So many authors make errors that ruin their book. Let me save you the trouble and guide you through the process.


Characters make or break books. As we examine famous characters, I’ll help you develop characters that jump from the page.

By the end of the course…

  • You’ll feel confident and proud about your novel.
  • You’ll have joined an exclusive club — people who have finished a book.
  • You’ll be so excited you’ll want to start your NEXT book.

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Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m John Matthew Fox, and I help authors write better fiction. Over the last ten years, through courses and editing, I’ve helped hundreds of authors publish their books.

My website Bookfox has nearly 1,000 posts to help writers, and my books include “The Linchpin Writer: Crafting Your Novel’s Key Moments” and the short story collection, “I Will Shout Your Name.”

I’ve been published by the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and won fiction contests at Third Coast and Shenandoah.

Ask me a question?


Nope. It’s an on-demand course — take it whenever you have time.

Yes, almost all the videos ask you to work on your novel in some way.

This course is meant for a range of writers — from beginners to seasoned writers with books under their belt.

I offer a money-back guarantee.

You have access for one year.

BEWARE: Without Help, Many Books Flop

You Waste Years

It takes a long time, usually years, to write your book. Get some guidance to make sure that’s time well spent.

Bad Reviews

Once a few readers give it bad reviews on Amazon, it’s so hard to convince other people to buy it.

Nobody Buys It

2 million books are published in the United States annually. How will you a write a book worthy of attention?

Course Curriculum

1. The Secret Ingredient to Start a Novel
1. Outline of the Course PDF
1. Quiz
2. The Simple Math of Writing a Novel
2. The Simple Math of Writing a Novel PDF
2. Quiz
3. Make Your Novel’s Blueprint
3. Novel Blueprint Worksheet
3. Quiz
4. Seven Elements of a Bestseller
4. Checklist for Your Bestseller Worksheet
4. Quiz
5. Three Tips on Where to Start Your First Chapter
5. Quiz
6. Three Tips on HOW to Start your First Chapter
6. Twenty Strategies for Your First Paragraph
6. Quiz
7. Nail Down Your POV
7. Who Should Tell My Story
7. Quiz
8. How to Write your Point of View
8. How to Write your Point of View
8. Quiz
9. Main Character Profile
9. Character Profile
9. Quiz
10. Add Supporting Characters
10. Supporting Character
10. Quiz
11. Where to End Your First Chapter
11. Twelve Ways to End a Chapter
11. Quiz
12. Early Novel Plotting
12. Chapter Outline
12. Quiz
13. Dramatize Your Early Novel
13. Dramatize Your Obstacles
13. Quiz
14. Five Storytelling Guide Ropes
14. Five Storytelling Guide ropes
14. Quiz
15. Think in Chapters
15. Chapter Checklist
15. Quiz
16. Early Characterization
16. Early Characterization
16. Quiz
17. Two Ways to Create Suspense
17. Two Ways to Create Suspense
17. Quiz
18. The Main Pitfall of Early Novels
18. Quiz
19. Writing the Middle
19. Defeat Writers Block
19. Quiz
20. Escalate Your Plot
20. Escalate Your Plot in Middle Novel
20. Quiz
21. Guide Ropes for the Middle
21. Guide Ropes for the Middle
21. Quiz
22. Character in the Middle
22. Middle Characterization
22. Quiz
23. Plot Boxes: Three Ways to Sketch Your Story Progression
23. Plot Boxes – 3 Story Progressions
23. Quiz
24. Head Toward Gunfire
24. Quiz
25. Add the Vertical
25. Vertical Elements
25. Quiz
26. Add Radical Acts of Goodness
26. Quiz
27. The Danger of the Middle
27. Quiz
28. The Plunge
28. Quiz
29. Find Your Climax
29. Quiz
30. Guide Ropes for the Climax
30. Guide Ropes for the Climax
30. Quiz
31. Checklist for a Smash-Bang Climax
31. Quiz
32. Mistakes to Avoid in the Climax
32. Quiz
33. Case Study of a Climax
33. Quiz
34. How to End Your Novel
34. Quiz
35. Types of Endings
35. Types of Endings
35. Quiz
36. Final Steps


LOVE the course! LOVE John! This course is extremely informative and helpful. John is SO likeable! It feels like he’s talking right to me. I laugh – I shake/nod my head. Honestly, I feel like we’re buddies. It’s good. HE’S good!

Robbin Gabriel

This is the best course about writing the best novel. A logical and concise structure, lots of examples, tips that would take me years to find — all this makes this course the best.

Lianella Drozdova

I take a lot of writing courses and read a lot of books on writing (which tend to overlap a lot and repeat the same things), yet so much of the advice and lessons in this course were completely new and valuable to me. The instructor is a natural teacher, explains concepts wonderfully, not just the writing lesson but also the effect it will have on the story, which makes it much more interesting and easier to understand. More courses like this, please!

Emira Mahmutovic

Finally, a writing course that’s practical and useful! I’ve paid for several online writing courses in the past, most of which talked about the importance of plot or character etc, but stopped short of giving practical advice on how to achieve this well. John’s tutorials are accessible and to the point, full of good ideas and examples and at last I feel that I’ve found a teacher whom I can relate to and who provides what they claim to! Looking forward to beginning the next course shortly.

Richard Evans

John is a friendly and enthusiastic teacher, with interesting and often surprising examples from life or literature. Once I saw how useful these ideas were, I slowed down to write new or revises scenes for each lesson. A great course — thank you, John — I will use these techniques forever!

Rose Kleidon

I loved the course and I have written 3 self published books. Your course has given me some kudos in what I did right and some help in how to improve my next novel. Five stars!

Alida Chaney

This course had so many useful, applicable skills, and actionable pieces of information that are really helping me become more productive with my writing and writing time. I also love the quizzes after videos! I think they are helpful cementing what I have learned.

Andrew Dransfield

The course was very helpful for me in writing my own book, but also for my efforts in helping give suggestions to my friends who are authors. I especially liked all of the examples.

Melanie Seilbach

This course was fantastic. It was thorough without being overly detailed and was informative without being too comprehensive. John is great at being entertaining and positive while also being knowledgeable and insightful. His many examples from successful novels add a lot to the presentation and understanding of the concepts. The quizzes and PDFs are valuable at instilling the content of each lesson.

Kevin Brehm

Everything you didn’t know you needed to write your first novel (but actually did need to know) is contained in this extremely comprehensive and helpful course. And it was highly entertaining as well. Five stars.

Janice Churchwell

This is a very educational course. I enjoyed every minute of it. Every aspiring writer should take this course.

Madison Ciabattari

Mr. Fox makes very creative use of his extensive background, work in the field of editing and creating works of fiction. I find his quizzes helpful as a way to reinforce the salient features of the lessons. He added great depth, offered novel ideas taught in a memorable format, and had delightful humor.

Michael Boucher

The course certainly does teach the student how to write the best novel. It’s clear, concise and yet full of very practical wisdom.

Katherine Krahn

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