How to Develop Backstory (Without Boring Your Reader)

Develop Backstory

I often find action movies boring because I have the same criticism every time: More backstory.

I want heroes and heroines and villainesses with complicated motives that are tied to experiences from their pasts.

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100+ Query Letter Examples (That Got Authors an Agent)

In preparation for this post, I read query letters until my brain went numb. I looked for the letters marked “successful” — those that garnered agent’s attention. After days of reading, certain constants emerged.

A successful query often includes a combo of:

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7 Ways to Use Other Languages in Your Fiction

One of the greatest strengths of novels is their ability to include the voices of a wide cast of characters.

However, if these characters speak different languages from the one you are writing in, you end up with a dilemma: How do you handle other languages within your fiction?

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5 Steps to Write a Young Adult Novel

Young Adult novels, or YA, has been spiking in popularity.

According to Publisher’s Weekly, sales of Young Adult novels rose by 18.6% between 2020 and 2021 despite the pandemic.

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7 Steps to Writing a Smart Mystery

how to write a mysteryMystery fiction is a plot-driven genre. Because of this, both plot and character must be handled differently in mysteries than in literary fiction.

This does not mean that character—or any other element of fiction—can be neglected in a mystery story.

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8 Steps to Revise Your Novel (Without Losing its Essence)

Revision is painful. When I sit down to revise, I find I would rather be doing anything else: scrubbing the toilet, doing taxes, scooping my own eyeballs out with a spoon — whatever.

Anything to avoid the act of revisiting the first draft.

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9 Ways Writers Can Use NFTs

What are NFTs?NFTs for Writers

NFTs are digital collectibles. If you remember collecting baseball cards when you were a kid, an NFT is a digital version of that card.

You can also have art NFTs, video NFTs, music NFTs, and, of course, book NFTs.

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How to Master Worldbuilding: A Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy

From Lord of the Rings to Star Wars, across sci-fi and fantasy, good worldbuilding is what makes genre fiction stand out.

Well-constructed worlds are legendary—they capture audience’s imaginations, and they make readers want to live in the story forever.

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7 Steps to Write Engaging Historical Fiction

How to Write a Historical NovelWhile science fiction is often set in the future, historical fiction is set in the distant past.

Just like sci-fi, historical fiction authors must develop genre-specific techniques to create stories set in a different time period.

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40+ Writing Podcasts To Teach and Inspire

I love podcasts for writers.

Why? Because I can learn about my favorite author’s writing process while I’m folding towels, and get great advice about creating characters while commuting. 

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