Beautiful Sentence

I’ve added a new page in Bookfox, one that I hope will give you a great deal of pleasure:

The Most Beautiful Sentences in Literature

Currently I have 100 authors on the list, but I might get sick of a few of them and boot them off in favor of new talent.

I made this list because I disliked the lists out there of Sentences. The Buzzfeed 51 Beautiful Sentences weren’t very … beautiful, or original, or lovely, or even modern. I found very little that I liked, and I had read virtually all of them before.

The Esquire list of 70 Best Sentences are mostly jokes. If you think an eight-word sentence by David Sedaris which includes two curse words is the height of great sentences, go ahead and consult that list, but I think my list is a heavyweight and they’re just skittering around at flyweight level with some gags and jokes.

So I think my collection of sentences fulfills a need. From the response so far, (massive amounts of traffic from people sharing on Facebook!) I think it does. Writers are sick of lists of terrible sentences.

I hope the 100 sentences I’ve collected are not the usual suspects, and that they delight and surprise you with their beauty.

I’m also working on a second collection of good sentences, which will be updated regularly.

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