It’s a struggle to write an engaging novel.

  • It can take years of your life.
  • Many writers get stuck in the process.
  • What’s in your head often doesn’t get to the page.

My courses teach you the core elements of storytelling, so you can give more pleasure to your readers.

Purchasing any of my courses means that:

  • You’ll always have great writing advice at your fingertips.
  • You’ll save time by accelerating your writing skills.
  • You’ll avoid costly missteps in your book.


Get more confidence about your sentences. Learn how to write gripping characters.
Learn techniques from the greatest writers. Connect with your readers & sell more books.
Write, edit,& publish your children’s book. Write more, build habits, finish your book.


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Three Steps to Writing Success:

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How can you write a successful book?

There are 5.6 million books published in English every year, and a section of the book industry works like a conveyor belt, pushing any books that meet the minimum word count out the door.

I think that’s wrong.

If you’re going to publish a book, publish a good one. If you’re going to bother with writing, let’s make it excellent.

Listen, I care about the quality of your book. I understand how it feels to get stuck, and like you, I’ve been frustrated when my first draft hasn’t turned out the way it should have.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help authors tell better stories. Over the last ten years, I’ve helped hundreds of authors to write their dream novel.

The courses in the Bookfox Academy give you the necessary skills to tell a story that the reader won’t forget. Writers who work with me win awards, get fantastic reviews, and gain an audience of fans eager for the next book.

Let’s work together to write the novel you’ve always wanted to write.

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After working with me, you’ll write a book that makes fellow writers envious and old friends brag they know you.

More importantly, you’ll feel confident about your novel and motivated to write another.

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