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Poetry SubmissionsOne of the hardest things about literary magazines is dealing with the overwhelming number of them. You can’t keep up-to-date on all of them, so how do you decide which are really worth your time?

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Of course, everyone knows about Poetry Magazineand I’d like to hear of a writer who isn’t on the New Yorker email list, but there are so many wonderful, small publications out there, just waiting for you to dive into their websites to scan their archives, read some poetry, or submit poetry.

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To find out what lit mags are favored by editors, I picked through the past five years of the anthology The Best American PoetryThis gave me an enlightening look at which publications are on their watch list. I went through the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 indexes to see where the poems included in each anthology were originally published and where the editors presumably stumbled across them. I hope this will help you select good markets for your poetry submissions.

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I’m sure it’s no surprise that out of the 377 (147 not including repeats) publications mentioned from 2011-2015, the one with the most poems included in the anthologies is The New Yorker(Of course, not far behind that is Poetry Magazine, because what else.)

Please don’t take this as a comprehensive list of every poetry magazine you should be reading. Some lit mags are so young, they can’t be on the Best American Poetry radar yet, and some of them just don’t get recognized for a while. That’s okay.

The Poem-a-Day Series by the Academy of American Poets has been around for a while, but it wasn’t featured in the Best American Poetry until 2015—then, it was included five times.

Sometimes all it takes to start keeping up with literary journals without getting a million email updates a day is to take a couple hours to browse some and decide which style you like, whether or not you want it to be a mixed genre magazine, if you care about graphic design, etc. Hopefully, this list can act as your jumping-off point for poetry submissions.

Best Literary Magazines for Poetry

(as ranked by The Best American Poetry)

  1. The New Yorker, 20
  2. Poetry Magazine, 17
  3. The American Poetry Review, 13
  4. The Cincinnati Review, 11
  5. The New England Review, 10
    Ploughshares, 10
  6. The Southern Review, 8
  7.  Southwest Review, 7
  8. The Nation, 6
    New Ohio Review
    , 6

    Prairie Schooner, 6
    The Threepenny Review, 6
  9. Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day Series, 5
    AGNI, 5
    The Believer, 5
    Court Green, 5
    The Iowa Review, 5
    The Kenyon Review, 5
    The Literary Review, 5
    The Paris Review, 5
    Poetry Daily, 5
  10. The Awl, 4
    Boston Review, 4
    The Common, 4
    , 4

    FIELD, 4
    The Georgia Review, 4
    Green Mountains Review, 4
    Gulf Coast, 4
    Harper’s, 4
    Harvard Review, 4
    The Virginia Quarterly Review, 4
  11. The American Scholar, 3
    The Atlantic Monthly, 3
    Barrow Street, 3
    Beloit Poetry Journal, 3
    Columbia Poetry Review
    , 3

    Denver Quarterly, 3
    Granta, 3
    Hanging Loose, 3
    jubilat, 3
    London Review of Books, 3
    New American Writing, 3
    Plume, 3
    A Public Space, 3
    Rattle, 3
    River Styx, 3
    Salmagundi, 3
    Subtropics, 3
  12. 32 Poems, 2
    Able Muse
    , 2

    Alaska Quarterly Review, 2
    The Antioch Review, 2
    Black Warrior Review, 2
    Blackbird, 2
    The Carolina Quarterly, 2
    Cave Wall, 2
    Colorado Review, 2
    DMQ Review, 2
    Fence, 2
    Fifth Wednesday Journal, 2
    Five Points, 2
    The Gettysburg Review, 2
    LIT, 2
    MAKE Literature Magazine, 2
    MiPOesias, 2
    The Missouri Review, 2
    The New Criterion, 2
    New Letters, 2
    Painted Bride Quarterly, 2
    Pleiades, 2
    Poet Lore, 2
    Post Road, 2
    The Southampton Review, 2
    Terminus Magazine, 2
    Tin House, 2
    upstreet, 2
    Verse Daily, 2
  13. ABZ, 1
    The Baffler, 1
    Beltway Poetry Quarterly, 1
    Birdfest, 1
    Birmingham Poetry Review, 1
    Boulevard, 1
    Brilliant Corners, 1
    Burrow Press Review, 1
    Carbon Copy Magazine, 1
    Crazyhorse, 1
    Cream City Review, 1
    Early Music America, 1
    Ecotone, 1
    Fruita Pulp, 1
    Gris-Gris, 1
    Gulfshore Life, 1
    Harpur Palate, 1
    The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, 1
    Hayden’s Ferry Review, 1
    The Hopkins Review, 1
    House Organ, 1
    The Hudson Review, 1
    Iron Horse Literary Review, 1
    The Journal, 1
    Kinfolks Quarterly, 1
    Lambda Literary Review, 1
    Lemon Hound, 1
    Little Patuxent Review, 1
    The Los Angeles Review, 1
    Maggy, 1
    The Manhattan Review, 1
    McSweeny’s, 1
    Mead: The Magazine of Literature and Libations, 1
    Memorious, 1
    Michigan Quarterly Review, 1
    Mid-American Review, 1
    Muzzle, 1
    Naugatuck River Review, 1
    New South, 1
    New York Quarterly, 1
    Ninth Letter, 1
    The Normal School, 1
    PANK, 1
    PEN America, 1
    PMS: poemmemoirstory, 1
    Poetry London, 1
    Poetry Northwest, 1, 1
    Powder Keg, 1
    Redivider, 1
    The Rumpus, 1
    Seneca Review, 1
    Sentence, 1
    The Sewanee Review, 1
    Slate, 1
    Southern Indiana Review, 1
    Spillway, 1
    The Sycamore Review, 1, 1
    Tongue, 1
    Tupelo Quarterly, 1
    Unsplendid, 1
    Vinyl Poetry, 1
    Vitrine: a printed museum, 1
    The Volta, 1
    West Branch, 1
    Willow Springs, 1
    The Yale Review, 1
    Zoland Poetry, 1