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5 Ways a Developmental Editor Can Help Writers

developmental editorIn the golden days of publishing, every writer got a developmental editor.

Not anymore.

Editors today are inundated with manuscripts and are looking for manuscripts that require little polishing.

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9 Tips to Become a Better Self-Editor

9-editing-tipsWriters are often bad editors of their own work.

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Even when they are fantastic draft writers, they need help from an outside eye to get it to the next level. Still, there are some easy tips that will improve your skills as an editor of your own work.

The editing tips below are not, for the most part, tricks for how to edit your story word by word.

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Self-Editing Checklist: 15 Innovative Ideas

selfeditingchecklist-save-for-webIf you’re like me, you go through the same editing motions with every single piece of writing.

Why not change it up?

Consult these 15 innovative editing strategies and you’ll find a way to edit your book into greatness. 

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By following these, you’ll strike the perfect balance between copy editing (grammar and spelling mistakes) and content editing (character and plot development). Though this article starts more copy-heavy and ends more content-heavy, I believe it’s important to integrate the two as much as possible even while focusing on one or the other. Not only does keeping an open mind foster creativity that will enhance your writing — it allows you to catch more of those pesky typos!

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15 Steps to Finding a Fantastic Book Editor

How toFind (1)1. Find A Book Editor in Creative Ways

Don’t just Google a book editor. You’re going to find the most famous editors that way, the ones swamped with clients and with a 3 or 4 month wait time. You’re also going to find the most expensive ones that way, and expensive doesn’t always translate to best.

Here are 4 alternative ways to find a book editor:

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