This heralds the beginning of a new feature here on BookFox, one in which I field search engine queries that have come to my site. (For those of you who don’t know, yes, I can see what people typed into Google in order to find my site). Most of the searches are directed correctly to the post that answers their questions, but then there are the ones that have gone astray, usually directed to a post that does not address their question in the slightest. This is the attempt to save those poor orphan searches.

Search: Show Short Story contests requiring up to 3000 words.

Answer: Okay, more imperative than interrogative, but here goes — check out the Glimmer Train Very Short Fiction Award (3000 words and under). Also, the Seattle Review contest (4000 words and under).

Search: How to publish short story collection

Answer: First, all the stories must be published, even in small journals, but you need at least one and preferably a couple in name-brand journals. Second, the stories must be linked in some way. Be creative: there are an infinite number of ways to link stories together (hint: a novel in stories is not the only way).

Search: Bookexpo weird

Answer: I got a video of weird right here.

Search: Hear the Wind Sing PDF

Answer: Enough of you have asked for this early Haruki Murakami book not published in the States, but it’s not here (although here’s my review). Unfortunately, I can only find a PDF of Murakami’s other unpublished early work, Pinball 1973.

Search: Michel Houellebecq’s Address

Answer: France. And yes, I’m sure he’d love to blurb your book once you ship it to him directly.

Search: Where is Porno Fox?

Answer: Really — you guys come here all the time, but it’s really not me, baby. Honestly. You must be mixing me up with some other site.

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