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The Best Travel Writing Magazines

I ranked the travel magazines below using the The Best American Travel Writing series.

For the last five years, each magazine with one of its essays reprinted in the book got a certain number of points, and if it was listed in the “Special Mention” section in the back, it received a fewer number of points.

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Ranking of the 100 Best Literary Magazines

This list ranks literary magazines by how often their short stories have appeared in the Best American Short Stories. 

In some ways it’s ridiculous to rank literary magazines by the number of awards they’ve received, but it still can be useful for writers to figure out where to submit.

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Ranking of Literary Nonfiction Markets

This list uses the Best American Essays series to rank magazines, literary journals, newspapers and other literary nonfiction markets by how often their essays are cited in the anthology.

If you’re writing literary nonfiction and looking for good magazines to submit your essay or other nonfiction, check out these markets.

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Best Online Literary Magazines

Online Literary MagazinesAs literary magazines continue to move from print to online, it’s important to separate the chaff from the wheat. This list attempts to do that.

Below are the online literary magazines that attracted my attention, boast the best names, have the most accomplished stories, showcase the work in outstanding design, and have the best chance of enduring.

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Top 50 Literary Magazines Ranked by Website Traffic

Top 50LiteraryMagazinesWhether you are a fiction fanatic or a pure poet, there is a literary magazine out there for you! Below are the top 50 literary magazines that are ready to showcase your story.

Based on the search tool SimilarWeb, I averaged out the traffic visits of each website from the last three months and ranked them according to the number of monthly visitors each literary journal receives.

While the numbers aren’t precisely accurate (SimilarWeb estimates traffic, rather than giving precise numbers), the numbers are useful for comparison purposes.

In other words, the literary magazines below likely fall in this order of website traffic, even if the numbers of each website are slightly off. In my experience, and comparing these numbers to Bookfox stats, SimilarWeb estimates a little high. Still, these are useful ballpark figures.

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100+ Best Markets to Publish Sports Writing


Sports are a little bit exciting.

Whether it’s a one legged wrestler pinning his opponent to the ground, a sixteen year old girl making the perfect landing after ten years of training, or an Olympic swimmer winning gold at only a quarter second’s difference between lightning strikes — sports are quite extraordinary in their simplicity.

But we’re not here to talk about playing sports, watching sports, or reading about sports.

We’re here to talk about writing about sports.

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No Editor Left Behind

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article about a new system that ranks humanities journals. Predictably enough, scholars and editors are up in arms:

A large-scale, multinational attempt in Europe to rank humanities journals has set off a revolt. In a protest letter, some journal editors have called it “a dangerous and misguided exercise.” The project has also started a drumbeat of alarm in this country, as U.S.-based scholars begin to grasp the implications for their own work and the journals they edit.