Open-city-30 The literary journal Open City has closed. Cue obvious puns on open/closed.

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They were a good literary journal, but their heyday had passed. I particularly saw the slide in the last few years, when slush pile submissions weren't being accepted/rejected as much as sent into a type of purgatory.

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For instance, I ignored the prevalent advice across message boards to avoid sending and submitted on 12/28/07. After seven queries, most of which reassured me they were still considering it, my piece was finally rejected 2/12/10. 

Yeah. 2 years, 3 months.

Still, they were incredibly nice at AWP and I actually loved most of their fiction selections.

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I dislike hearing about any literary journal closing, but there are certain lifecycles, and sometimes it's easier to send a geriatric gently into that good night than it is to send a vibrant teenager.