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Steve Erickson has a new website, and I have to say it matches his eccentric writing (The main page picture changes with each load, but I like the swastika one). Also, the Cal Arts faculty page (the school that publishes the literary journal Black Clock, which Erickson edits) says Erickson’s new novel Zeroville is coming out Fall 2007.

Chris Abani, who I saw at a reading here in Los Angeles a few months ago, is reviewed in the LA Times and NY Times.

I’ve been reading Tara Ison’s soon-to-be released novel The List. It’s smart and funny, a worthy follow-up to her first novel, A Child Out of Alcatraz, and since she’s agreed to be interviewed by me, I’ll be posting a transcript in the near future.

I’ve had a post that’s been stewing in my head for quite some time on Jose Saramago – comparing his books Blindness and Seeing. But the Literary Saloon noticed that his popularity seems to be largely determined by the reader’s nationality.

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