So these are the journals I got my grubby fingers on and humped back to California in my carry-on backpack. 

Total # of journals: 18

Total # of pounds lost while carrying them through airport: Unknown, but likely substantial

  • The Sun
  • Blue Mesa Review
  • Crab Orchard Review
  • The Gettysburg Review
  • Third Coast
  • Colorado Review
  • Nimrod International Journal
  • Ninth Letter
  • The Missouri Review
  • Willow Springs
  • PEN America
  • Ruminate
  • Open City
  • Fence
  • Fugue
  • Black Warrior Review
  • Florida Review

Ninth Letter 1  Out of all these journals, my favorite is Ninth Letter. It is such a beautiful journal, with innovative design and edgy graphics, and the stories, like "Man of Steel," are killer. I got a 2009 issue, not the most recent, but I have to say, it wins my Best Journal of the AWP Conference Award. No, this award does not have a history and I just made it up, but still. Get a subscription.

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