The venerable Atlantic offered a list of the best 25 book covers of the year.

Exclusively for your viewing pleasure, I’ve pulled together some of the worst book covers. Enjoy.

1. Police cars in space? That’s killer national security.

2. This cover definitely makes me want to buy.

3. Want to learn how to publish a book on a typewriter?

4. This is what happens when you use stock photos.

5. This would be a fantastic ad for a hair salon.

6. Where’s the picture with him in jail?

7.  I don’t onhealthy drugs online know why the magical scarecrows and scary-eyed teddy bear are celebrating Chanukah, but I’m scared to find out.

8. Not to be confused with men’s driving licences.

9. Like paint cans exploded inside Photoshop.

10. Couldn’t afford to buy a font?

11. Can’t afford to license three photos? Use the same one three times!

12. Because expanding a woman’s shins to gigantic proportions is always attractive.

13. You could have sent an email.

14. I am not on board with nudity on top of children’s stuffed animals.

15. He prefers his women disembodied.

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