Pulling a Geographic

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From the Electric Literature blog, Letters from a Young Novelist #3:

In recovery language, we have a phrase called “pulling a geographic,” which is an illogical belief that switching locations will solve all of one’s life problems, when in fact the problems are rooted in the person and their substance abuse. I have pulled a geographic in terms of my writing life, and surprise, it isn’t working. Location alone will not turn me into a daily writer.

But this is not new information to me, nor should it be. It has been clear to me for over a year now that I need to woman the fuck up and find a way to write, and to write no matter order adhd medicine online what. While I did think that moving across the country would make it easier to write this book, I wasn’t under any illusions that suddenly thousands of words would magically come streaming through my fingers. In fact, I saw moving back home as a sort of punishment for myself: You are not where you want to be because you are not doing what you should be doing.

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