Publishers of Short Story Collections

This is a list of publishers seeking short story collections. It’s not exhaustive, but would you really want an exhaustive list? I’ve read short story collections from most of the publishers on this list and all together they are publishing some of the best short fiction on the planet. Read, enjoy, submit.


Big Houses:



10 thoughts on “Publishers of Short Story Collections

  1. Josh says:

    Actually I should have left my comment here. We publish a pocket sized collection of experimental short fiction, funded on kickstarter, nationally distributed. Killing it.

  2. Chris says:


    I thought that I’d add one for you that we also accept short stories at Brine Books Publishing.

    We are a new publishing house, but have good goals as we are publishing the books in order to try to raise awareness on important human rights issues while raising funds for charities and non-profits that work in the various sectors.

    Brine Books Publishing

  3. Caroline says:

    I’m trying to find publishers of short stories that will take me seriously because I’m just 14 and people automatically assume my stories are bad because of my age. This helped a lot so thank you.

  4. This is interesting, I will get around to send a query to these publishers:)

  5. C. L Rossman says:

    C’mon, would a COMPUTER write a comment about short stories?
    What I wanted to ask was, Are any of you listed up there interested in science-fiction short stories? Please e-amil me. I’ve had more than 20 short stories published in the past few years, but my best markets folded, and now all the liksts have gone on a puying basis.
    PS–Please allow for very slow and tired home computer to reply. Half the time it can’t even get on the net. Thank you. Would really appreciate some input

  6. This is so helpful. Now I have days and days of sending out my short story collection, “Diamond Cuttings:Facets of Love” . four of eight have been picked up and published in small press magazines and yet my NYC agent says she can’t sell short stories!

  7. Rhys says:

    I’ve never understood publishings. I mean, I’ve been writing since I was twelve, so six years on and off, and I’ve never truly tried to publish anything. Is it bad that I like to read my own stuff? I mean, we authors write because we like putting our imaginations on paper, so who cares? :)
    I just wanted to say, to all my fellow writers: never think that you need to get published or get admiration to be a great writer. I love reading, so I’ll never run out of books to read now! My dream’s achieved.

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