Short Story Month: Writing a Story

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Okay, so in defiance to that whole Write-A-Novel-In-A-Month thing with the acronym that nobody can ever remember, I’m signing up for the mission proposed by Syntax of Things: A short story in a month. And I’m not jumping on this bandwagon  because back in Novel-Writing-Month-NaNoWrMoTg-WrSlKillmyself I actually thought I could write a chunk of a novel in a month and then quit after day three. That’s not it at all. No, just thought a short story in a month was more . . . manageable.

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  1. How about one a week? That’s what I’m looking at to complete my final project on time. Or at least if I figure that my stories tend to be 10-15 pages. I’m sure mine will be very POLISHED by that time.

  2. I see you’ve gone professional. Good for you! I, however, will remain on blogspot until I muster the courage to get serious with my life. Maybe by the time I’m fifty.
    Anyways, check out my latest post. It’s my first book review and I’d love comments from a professional typepadder (although, if they’re scathing could you send them to my personal email rather than my blog?).
    Muchas Grassy Ass,

  3. UPDATE: Okay you all – I’ve managed to whip out rough drafts of two short stories. February has rocked! Okay, so one is really short and both need a lot of work – so what?