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One of my pet peeves is when I get PR emails supporting literary readings that never mention the city, because isn’t it so incredibly obvious that all literary events happen in New York City, I mean, where else could they possibly happen?

They mention an address on 20th Street, and everyone who ever receives that email should simply know: Oh, 20th street. Obviously New York.

Well, guess what. Tonight I’m reading in LOS ANGELES. That’s right. I actually mentioned the city, and it’s not New York. Surprise!

Book Soup. In Hollywood. Tonight at 7:30 p.m. I can’t promise free alcohol, but if I could, I would. Come as a way to kick off the LA Times Festival of Books at UCLA.

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  1. As one of the few literary people situated in New York who seems to be aware of the wonderful readings and books that are east of the Hudson, I apologize for this rude and utterly ridiculous treatment. I’m afraid these insular literary snobs can’t cure themselves of their incuriosity. But some of us out here do the best we can to be inclusive.