There's a flurry of new short stories being released over at Five Chapters these next fifteen days. Instead of serializing a story over five days, there's a new short story each day, including some from collections I've been reading lately — Jennine Capo Crucet, who won the Iowa Short Fiction award this year, and Lori Ostlund, the Flannery O'Connor Award winner. 

It's being called the Infinite FiveChapters, and while this a flagrant abuse of the word Infinite, we'll let it slide because A) hyperbole is fun, and B) end of summer blowouts are especially good when they involve short stories.

Some others scheduled to show up:
  • Lauren Grodstein
  • Adam Davies (who's been showing up everywhere recently!)
  • Samantha Peale
  • Victor Lodato
  • Tania James
The full schedule includes many more authors.

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