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8 Steps to Creating Character Mannerisms

Character MannerismsYou build a character by separating them from the mass of humanity. Making them an individual, rather than a face in the crowd, is the main challenge of writers.

A mannerism is one of the best ways to make a character memorable. Just a single unusual or curious affectation can make them stick in the reader’s mind.

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Develop Memorable Characters in 12 Steps

How well do you know your characters?

You’ve probably asked yourself some form of this question before. Most successful writers spend time delving into the characters who populate their pages.

Countless resources exist (such as Bookfox’s “4 Character Questionnaire Tests—Can You Pass Them?”) to help you create characters rich in backstory, motivation, and personality—just like real people.

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Defeat Writer’s Block (25 Tips You’ve Never Heard)

What you’re about to read is unlike anything else on Writer’s Block.

The vast majority of other articles are written by freelancers who pick a few ideas off the top of their heads and slap them into a blog post. Most of them are recycling the same old familiar ideas – take a walk, take a vacation, read a book. Even worse, they’re trying to solve a fundamental problem by surface-level fixes.

It’s stupid and their ideas don’t work. 

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40+ of the Best Books on Writing

Favorite Books on WritingHere are my 40 favorite books about writing, the books I’d swear by and beg you to read.

These books help me feel like I’m not alone. They help me work through problems I didn’t even know I had. And they give me enormous amounts of courage to keep pressing on.

After reading more than a hundred books on writing, I’ve narrowed it down to my top 40.

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100 Bucket List Ideas for Writers

Bucket List for WritersLook, this is basically a list of 100 Things Every Writer Should Do Before They Die. How many have you already done?

Some of them are pretty ambitious — reading 100 books in a single year is difficult, no doubt. While others like “write fan fiction” or “go to a reading” have a much lower bar.

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How to Kill a Character (with 12 deadly examples)

In every author’s life there comes a moment when they must slaughter one of their creations.

Yep, you’ve got to kill one of your characters. 

I know, I know, you love them, you’ve created them, and yet for the sake of the story and for the sake of the reader, they need to bite a bullet, drink that poison, or succumb to cancer. 

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How to Write Sentences that Dazzle (and Persuade)

How to write a sentenceHow should you write a sentence?

Well, most guides will start off with 10,000 ways NOT to write a sentence.

You know, the finger-wagging schoolmarm that lectures you about avoiding fragments and comma splices and run-ons.

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10 Fiction Genres All Writers Should Know

Writers hate the term genre. Readers love it.

This is because genre creates expectations. Will these characters be able to fly, shapeshift, fall in love?

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30 Writer’s Conferences for 2021

These 30 writing conferences across the United States offer countless opportunities to hone your craft, network with industry professionals, and have a blast with fellow writers!

Conferences can even become an integral part of the pitching process as they offer face to face time with agents. That’s just about impossible to replicate unless you live in New York and have impeccable sleuthing skills.

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12 Great Ways to Outline a Novel

Whether you’re a planner or a pantser, just hear me out.

For the writer, an outline is a tool.

A good outline helps you do two things.

  1. See the big picture
  2. Organize the little details

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