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33 Publishers and Journals Seeking Novellas

It can seem like there is no place to publish your novella, but actually the opposite is true: the form is experiencing a revival.

From Melville House’s “The Art of the Novella” series of classic novellas, to Big Fiction Magazine and Nouvella, there are more places than ever to publish your novelette or novella.

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The 17 Best Christian Publishers

These are 17 publishers who are actively seeking Christian manuscripts of all stripes and genres.

Most of these publishers are traditional publishers, but I do have a few on this page that are hybrid publishers (half self-publishing and half traditional publishing).

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Ranking of the 100 Best Literary Magazines

This list ranks literary magazines by how often their short stories have appeared in the Best American Short Stories. 

In some ways it’s ridiculous to rank literary magazines by the number of awards they’ve received, but it still can be useful for writers to figure out where to submit.

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Ranking of Literary Nonfiction Markets

This list uses the Best American Essays series to rank magazines, literary journals, newspapers and other literary nonfiction markets by how often their essays are cited in the anthology.

If you’re writing literary nonfiction and looking for good magazines to submit your essay or other nonfiction, check out these markets.

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Best Online Literary Magazines

Online Literary MagazinesAs literary magazines continue to move from print to online, it’s important to separate the chaff from the wheat. This list attempts to do that.

Below are the online literary magazines that attracted my attention, boast the best names, have the most accomplished stories, showcase the work in outstanding design, and have the best chance of enduring.

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50 Incredibly Written Sex Scenes in Books

Articles about sex scenes in books usually fail in one of 3 ways. They often:

  • Give such a short love scene that you’re begging for more
  • Feature novels with busty men or bodice-rippers on the cover
  • Offer sex passages from the classics (D.H. Lawrence, anyone?) that everyone knows and has already read.

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20 of the Most Heartwarming Love Sentences

These 20 love sentences are not only true, they are also beautiful. I’ve taken all of them from writers of literature, modern ones writing in the last 40 years.

This is your final warning: these love sentences are powerful. Don’t blame me if you need a Costco-sized tissue box.

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17 Fantastic Repetition Examples in Literature

The governing wisdom about writing sentences says not to repeat. Repetition is bad. Repetition is sloppy. Writers are encouraged to consult a thesaurus and change up that pesky offending word.

But is this really true?

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100 Beautiful Sentences in Literature

How do you pick the most beautiful sentences in literature?

  • Are beautiful sentences full of nice turns of phrase?
  • Or are beautiful sentences full of wisdom?
  • Must beautiful sentences be full of risk and ambition, or can they be subtle and simple?
  • Must beautiful sentences make you feel something?

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12 Steps to Write a Bestselling Novel (in less than 6 months)

Hi, I’m John Fox, and as an editor I’ve helped hundreds of authors write, edit and publish their novels.

If you’re planning on writing a novel, you’ve come to the right place. Let me guide you through the process.

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