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How to Master Worldbuilding: A Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy

From Lord of the Rings to Star Wars, across sci-fi and fantasy, good worldbuilding is what makes genre fiction stand out.

Well-constructed worlds are legendary—they capture audience’s imaginations, and they make readers want to live in the story forever.

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7 Steps to Write Engaging Historical Fiction

How to Write a Historical NovelWhile science fiction is often set in the future, historical fiction is set in the distant past.

Just like sci-fi, historical fiction authors must develop genre-specific techniques to create stories set in a different time period.

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40+ Writing Podcasts To Teach and Inspire

I love podcasts for writers.

Why? Because I can learn about my favorite author’s writing process while I’m folding towels, and get great advice about creating characters while commuting. 

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25 Ways to Create Suspense in your Plot

Every writer has to know how to create suspense.

If you can’t create suspense in your book, readers will always feel shortchanged and indifferent to your story. Suspense is THE crucial technique to creating a riveting plot.

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Round and Flat Characters: A Guide to Writing Characters

The keys to a story are the characters, and the key to characters is knowing the difference between round and flat characters.

This way, you can be intentional about writing characters who make connections with your audience and also writing characters who support that connection.

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Limited vs. Omniscient: How to Choose Your Point of View

Omniscient 3rd vs. Limited 3rd Point of ViewWriters spend a lot of time worrying about point of view, unless they don’t, in which case they are destined to be rejected by literary agents and editors everywhere.

Point of view is critical to a book’s success. It’s also one of the most common things new writers trip over, right up there with “show, don’t tell.” 

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100 Ways to End a Story (with examples)

There is a certain magic in a well written ending. It must be both satisfying and surprising, unexpected and also perfectly fitting.

But where do you stop? Which sentences are the last sentences?

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How to Build a Plan for your Writing Life

Plan Your Writing LifeIf you’re new to Bookfox, this post is a good place to start. It talks about the big picture decisions every writer needs to make, rather than the tactical decisions I talk about in most other posts.

Basically, you need a giant, overarching plan for your writing life.

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50 Examples of Dialogue that Writers Should Learn From

Every writer needs to learn dialogue from the great writers preceding them.

This post isn’t about how to punctuate dialogue, or the basics of how to write dialogue, but more advanced techniques, as shown by established authors. 

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35+ Literary Devices Writers Should Use in their Next Book

Literary devices aren’t something you learn in English class and then forget about for the rest of your life.

They’re a beating, thumping heart of the fiction writer’s toolbox.

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