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At the Guardian, they review the new anthology “Ox-Tales,” structured around the four elements, and “Park Stories,” a set of eight specially commissioned short stories all corresponding to a major British park.

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Explaining the rationale behind the parks, editor Rowan Routh said: “There’s a kinship between parks and short fiction – both are confined things.”

I could go farther — short stories are manageable enough to be read in parks. They are the perfect park-lit.

Oh, and the article buy medication online reliable continues the trend of speculating that short stories are experiencing a revival. Yet at the same time, the article starts by explaining how short story writers used to make a living at writing short stories, and now for “Ox-Tales,” they’re donating the stories. Hmmm. Not exactly revival-ish. (But it is for charity!)

But one thing Britain’s got right. They are sponsoring the short story form. The USA could pick up some tips.