He got up and sat on the edge of the bedstead with his back to the window. “It’s better not to sleep at all,” he decided. There was a cold damp draught from the window, however; without getting up he drew the blanket over him and wrapped himself in it. He was not thinking of anything and did not want to think. But one image rose after another, incoherent scraps of thought without beginning or end passed through his mind. He sank into drowsiness. Perhaps the cold, or the dampness, or the dark, or the wind that howled under the window and tossed the trees roused a sort of persistent craving for the fantastic. He kept dwelling on images of flowers, he fancied a charming flower garden, a bright, warm, almost hot day, a holiday—Trinity day. A fine, sumptuous country cottage in the English taste overgrown with fragrant flowers, with flower beds going round the house; the porch, wreathed in climbers, was surrounded with beds of roses. A light, cool staircase, carpeted with rich rugs, was decorated with rare plants in china pots. He noticed particularly in the windows nosegays of tender, white, heavily fragrant narcissus bending over their bright, green, thick long stalks. He was reluctant to move away from them, but he went up the stairs and came into a large, high drawing-room and again everywhere—at the windows, the doors on to the balcony, and on the balcony itself—were flowers. The floors were strewn with freshly-cut fragrant hay, the windows were open, a fresh, cool, light air came into the room. The birds were chirruping under the window, and in the middle of the room, on a table covered with a white satin shroud, stood a coffin. The coffin was covered with white silk and edged with a thick white frill; wreaths of flowers surrounded it on all sides. Among the flowers lay a girl in a white muslin dress, with her arms crossed and pressed on her bosom, as though carved out of marble. But her loose fair hair was wet; there was a wreath of roses on her head. The stern and already rigid profile of her face looked as though chiselled of marble too, and the smile on her pale lips was full of an immense unchildish misery and sorrowful appeal. Svidrigaïlov knew that girl; there was no holy image, no burning candle beside the coffin; no sound of prayers: the girl had drowned herself. She was only fourteen, but her heart was broken. And she had destroyed herself, crushed by an insult that had appalled and amazed that childish soul, had smirched that angel purity with unmerited disgrace and torn from her a last scream of despair, unheeded and brutally disregarded, on a dark night in the cold and wet while the wind howled

Story Idea Generator

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Most story idea generators are awful.

They offer these mash-ups of random details that don’t make any sense, and require the writer to sift out the irrelevant details and find the connections. Or worse yet, they make you fill out some kind of form to get a nonsensical outline.

This story generator works differently.

Each prompt gives a character and a scenario, and asks a leading question that will get you started on fleshing out the storyline. It contains hundreds of story scenarios that should spur you to write.

Remember to change details as you see fit. Change the gender of the character, or the gender of the person they’re in love with, or the location, or their job. The sole goal of this story idea generator is to inspire you to write, so don’t feel like you have to stay true to the prompt.

Another distinction between this story idea generator and others: While other creative writing prompts want you to do a small exercise or to master a technique, these are designed to spur your creativity into writing a full story.

  1. A seven-person family forms a bluegrass band and starts touring their state, playing for festivals and weddings. How does their family start to unravel after the accidental death of the youngest child?
  2. A workaholic’s wife commits suicide, and he’s left to care for his two teenage daughters. How do his daughters express their hatred of him, and how does he try to win them over?
  3. An ex-girlfriend of a novelist eagerly reads each of his new books, waiting to find a character based on her. But when she does, she’s depicted as a liar, thief, and pedophile. What does she do for revenge?
  4. An obese woman loses 130 pounds and starts to flirt with men who give her attention for the first time in her life. How does her overweight husband respond to her newfound sexuality?
  5. A beautiful sunbather discovers she has multiple cases of skin cancer, but she continues to sunbathe every day. Why does she continue, and who tries to stop her?
  6. A woman wearing a headscarf at the beach is harassed by a group of young boys, but she recognizes one of the silent ones as a acquaintance at her school. How does she confront him when she sees him next at school, and what kind of relationship do they build together?
  7. A ballerina has a long-lost father come back into her life. What surprise does her father reveal about her mother, and how does it affect her competition for the lead role in Swan Lake?
  8. After a terrorist truck bomb explodes on July 4th, a stranger’s quick medical attention saves a woman’s life. How does she search for this stranger, and when she finds him, what obstacles does she find to their love?
  9. In a group of hikers snowshoeing through the Swiss Alps, two men discover they have the same first, middle, and last name. What other similarities between themselves do they discover, and why do they start to resent each other?
  10. Two midgets marry and have twins, but one child is normal-sized and the other is a midget. By the time they are teenagers, why is the normal-sized twin snubbing his family and considering running away, and why does his midget twin wish his brother was dead?
  11. A Silicon Valley company discovers how to implant memories from your future into your brain. What happens to the first person they try it on?
  12. A man hiking off trails in a remote mountain discovers a shiny spherical object the size of a small car. What happens when an old man who claims to be the “guardian” of the object shows up, and what is the object?
  13. A young female scientist discovers that a genetically modified beetle has the capability of spreading autism to fetuses through its feces. How does the corporation who designed the beetle try to silence her, and what is she willing to do to spread the word?
  14. A stock broker in New York gets a ransom note for his wife and two children who were visiting Dubai. Does he pay the ransom, and what does he do when he realizes that his wife has staged the whole thing for attention?
  15. A shy homeschooled child is thrust onto the national stage when she solves a 300-year-old math theorem. How does she start to crack under the attention of being called a prodigy, and what unhealthy coping mechanisms does she develop?
  16. A 18-year-old woman who has grown up in a polygamous Mormon community just outside St. George, Utah, decides she wants to leave just before she’s betrothed to a much older man with three wives. How does she escape, and how do they attempt to track her down?
  17. A woman sews two hammocks together to create a chrysalis high in a tree in order to protest a political movement, and the press flock to cover her. What is she protesting, and how does she succeed?
  18. A man has three nicknames, each representing different parts of his personality and parts of his life. What are the three nicknames, and why does he hate the first two and love the last one?
  19. An absent father tries to reconnect with his teenage son by taking him to bowling alleys and teaching him the game. How do they bond over the game of bowling, and what is the biggest resentment the son has against his father?
  20. A husband goes to a poker game only to discover a friend, whom he suspects of sleeping with his wife, has shown up. When the husband and the friend start betting big against each other, how does the husband put pressure on his friend?
  21. A woman morally opposed to any form of contraceptive recently gave birth to her sixth child after wanting only four. What does she do to resolve the tension between her beliefs and her desire not to get pregnant again?
  22. A wife whose biggest fear is earthquakes feel betrayed after her husband doesn’t rush home after a 5.5 seismic rumble. What is the husband’s explanation and why does it make the wife wonder whether he is cheating on her?
  23. A boy discovers a rare baseball card worth $15,000 in a shoebox in an abandoned lot. What does the boy do after his best friend steals it from him?
  24. A man who has recently transitioned to a woman gets on a subway car where a preacher is lamenting the evils of the day, including people changing their gender. What does the transgender character do?
  25. A professional whistler flies to Switzerland to compete in an international competition. What strange character is his fiercest opponent, and how does this opponent attempt to sabotage him?
  26. A mother starts to suspect her child has psychic powers. How does she test her daughter, and does she come to respect or fear her?
  27. A recent college graduate volunteers for a television experiment where he has to watch for twelve hours a day. What do they make him watch, how does this change his relationship with his girlfriend, and does he break off the experiment or continue until the bitter end?
  28. A woman who sells essential oils online, claiming they can cure cancer, is imprisoned by the government for peddling false claims. What does she tell the investigators, and why does her estranged family contact her?
  29. A patriotic young man joins the military and witnesses atrocities on the battlefield by his comrades that make him ashamed to represent his country. How does he decide whether to rat on his fellow soldiers or whether to keep silent?
  30. A woman with a serious sweet tooth discovers she has type-two diabetes and has to radically cut back on sugar. How does this affect her mood, and how does this change how she parents?
  31. A collector of rare books discovers he is allergic to books. How does this affect his career and why does his wife blame him for the allergy?
  32. A woman comes home after yet another disastrous date to discover her bedroom is filled with hundreds of newly hatched moths. Where did they come from, and what does she do with them?
  33. A woman uses money from stripping to build a rare coin collection. What is her sentimental attachment to coins, and what happens when she shows someone the collection for the first time?
  34. A Ph.D. student on food stamps gets called an elite snob on public transportation. What does she do to get called a snob, and how does she respond to the heckler?
  35. A man starting to become intimate with a woman rents an expensive hotel room and they take a bath together, but the water turns pink as the woman has her period. What unusual reaction does the man have?
  36. A construction worker opens a cooler he found in an abandoned truck. What inside shocks him?
  37. A female entrepreneur of workout videos wrestles with whether or not to get a boob job after a consultant tells her it would help the business. What does the entrepreneur do when her five-year-old daughter asks her whether she can get a boob job, too?
  38. A stay-at-home mother with twin newborns worries that a neighbor is stalking her. What makes her call the police, and how is her life threatened?
  39. A man who manufacturers custom high-end soap and sells it online has gossip spread about him that he has a taste for children. How does the man react when he hears the gossip?
  40. A trampoline park manager gets propositioned by an employee, but when he turns her down she decides to get revenge. What does she do, and how does he eventually get the best of her?
  41. A vegan punk rocker gets contacted by an evangelical cousin who wants to talk for the first time in a decade. What is the childhood secret they shared that the cousin wants to discuss, and how does the vegan’s reaction surprise even her?
  42. When a child turns 11, he meets his crack addict father for the first time. What does his father give him, and what does the child do with it?
  43. A wealthy marketing executive in Northern California wants to buy a motorcycle but his wife is opposed since her father died on a motorcycle. Does the executive buy a motorcycle or not, and how does the wife respond?
  44. A man and a woman meet: A man who sings everything because of his terrible stuttering, and a blind woman who clicks her tongue to make it echo off objects like echolocation. What happens when the woman can’t hear herself because of the man’s singing, and the man’s singing is disrupted by the clicking?
  45. Have your character attend a themed costume party where they can’t find the person that invited them, they know nobody else, and the people they meet are alternately hostile and friendly. What is the strange theme of the costumes, and does your character stay or run after a disaster happens?
  46. Write a scene where a character attempts and fails to hypnotize someone related to him or her. How does the almost-hypnotized person react where they learn what their relative tried to do to them?
  47. Create a character who has a love/hate relationship with a certain state or town, and have them reluctantly return to this place after a long absence. How has the place changed since they left, and how has their family and friends betrayed them?
  48. A city planner in the Jim Crow south devises a new way of arranging houses that will help to racially integrate the town. What do the racists do to his house and family, and how does he fight back?
  49. A self-proclaimed “Professor of Assology,” who has written 3 books with techniques to pick up chicks, and who speaks at fraternities to teach them the secrets of seduction, discovers that he’s impotent. Who does he confess this to, and how does this change his perspective on women?
  50. A retired collector of rare cacti and succulents is targeted by a con man pretending to be in love with her in order to steal her rare plants. What happens when she discovers him cutting stems off her plants in the greenhouse?
  51. A preacher discovers that someone who looks exactly like him has been visiting strip clubs. How does he deal with his church members who lose faith in him, and what does he do when he finally hunts down his double and confronts him?
  52. At a wake for a father, the estranged ex-wife slow dances with their son. Why does she dance with him, and what secret does she whisper in his ear as they dance?
  53. A young entrepreneur creates an app that can detect a person’s mood and broadcast it online. Why did the entrepreneur create such an app, and what is he feeling as his father slowly dies from pancreatic cancer?
  54. At a wedding, an older sister is resentful and jealous that the younger, more beautiful sister is marrying first. How does she sabotage the wedding, and what happens when the younger sister finds out?
  55. At a polygamous wedding, where a man is marrying two women simultaneously, the police show up and try to stop the proceedings. What does the groom’s brother do, and why does this make one of the brides doubt her decision?
  56. A caucasian male dedicates his life to learning Samoan war dances and after a year of practice, records himself and uploads them online. What happens when Samoans unhappy with him stealing their culture track him down in a grocery store?
  57. A female pianist who has recently transitioned into a man keeps getting phone calls from a blocked number, asking her to play the piano at their funeral. What person in her past is behind the calls, how do they know they will die soon, and why does this person want her to play?
  58. A young woman haunted by the people jumping from the World Trade Center meets someone who was in the towers that day and escaped.
  59. A harmonica-playing hobo illegally hops onto a freight train heading east across the United States, and inside his car finds a newborn baby boy in a crate. What does he do with the boy, and what do people accuse him of?
  60. A college woman realizes she has a stalker when she finds a half-eaten bagel and juice cup outside her bedroom window, and all the blinds have one slat broken at eye-level. What is the stalker’s unusual motivation, and what does the college woman do when she encounters him face to face?
  61. An IRS employee that audits small business owners starts to get anonymous death threats. How does he discover who is threatening him, and why does the threatener’s identity shock him so much?
  62. A professional tennis-table player travels to an European capital to play in a knock-out tournament with some of the world’s best players. Who does he meet that betrays him, and what does he learn about himself?
  63. A sex offender moves into town, and everyone receives a notice in the mail alerting them to his presence. How does it make the sex offender’s wife and son feel when they realize everyone is gossiping about their father’s crimes?
  64. Two brothers decide to bike across the United States to raise money to cure a rare heart disease called ARVC, a condition their youngest brother died from. What problem do they encounter in Utah, and what do they finally talk about from their past because of it?
  65. In California, a woman falls in love in love with a man fifteen years younger. What do they talk about when they go swing dancing together, and how does he persuade her that he’s not too young for her?
  66. A young man taking anti-depressants falls in love with a woman with a prescription drug abuse problem. What mistakes do they make together, and why is the woman reluctant to date the young man?
  67. A recent divorcee starts finding owls symbols and images everywhere she goes. Who appears in her life to tell her what they mean, and why does she start making tiny owls and setting them around town?
  68. During the cold war, two brothers design and build a huge bomb shelter in their suburban back yard. What happens to the world that makes them go in and never come out, and what do they start fighting about?
  69. A professional modern dancer with an abusive boyfriend struggles with exercise bulimia. What does she do to curb it?
  70. A man gets a job for a moving company because it feeds his desire to constantly move. Who does he meet and fall in love with at the moving company, and how does that make him want to stay in the same place.
  71. An only child from a middle class family sneaks out every night to go rummaging through a local garbage dump. Why does he do it and what does he find?
  72. A woman in her 50s must explain to her younger sister why she ditched their family many decades ago. What is her secret, and what surprise does the younger sister have to tell her?
  73. A magician has grown sick of performing and hates children. What is his breaking point, and how does he redeem himself?
  74. A brother tries to counsel and console his sister through a difficult divorce. What problems from their past come up, and what happens when the soon-to-be ex-husband shows up drunk?
  75. A child stores a disturbing collection inside a piggy bank. What do the parents do when they discover it?
  76. A friendship of two decades is mysteriously and abruptly terminated by one of the friends. Why does he or she do this, and what steps does the dumped friend take to figure out the answer?
  77. A child unjustly accuses her father of molesting her. After she is taken away by Child Protective Services, she admits it was a lie, and she is placed back in the home. How does the relationship between her and the father change?
  78. A trombonist in local ska band decides to start a worldwide society of trombonists. What sort of difficulties does he have in creating this, and what does he want to do once he unites trombonists worldwide?
  79. On a tourist trip to Paris, a woman falls in love with a bookstore owner. How does she reveal to her son that she no longer loves his father and wants to date someone else?
  80. A dwarf body builder struggles with insecurity and loneliness. What unhealthy ways does he deal with these issues?
  81. A struggling actor in Hollywood takes on the most embarrassing job ever so she can continue to go to auditions. What is it, and how long does she keep it a secret from her boyfriend?
  82. An experienced painter takes on a young protege. What does the experienced painter want from the protege
  83. A lonely freshman takes up fencing at his university. What unspeakable thing do his teammates do to him?
  84. A woman on the international space station gives birth and the government insists on televising the historic event. How does the husband at home feel about watching a male astronaut hold her hand during delivery, and who is the father?
  85. A hippie commune in Oregon gets busted by the cops. When one teenage female is interrogated by the cops about the commune’s spiritual leader, what does she tell them?
  86. A group of college friends fly to Indonesian for the summer for an epic surfing trip. What goes wrong, and how does this test their friendships?
  87. A group of art vigilantes terrorize businesses that paint over public art. What is the leader of the vigilantes like, and what does he do when the group starts to get out of control?
  88. After the death of his wife, a middle-aged man develops an addiction to ice-cream, eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. How do his friends and family intervene?
  89. A couple discovers their son was accidentally switched at birth with another family. What is the other family like, and do they end up swapping children?
  90. A teenager creates a new sport. What kind of sport is it, and how does it change her or his life?
  91. A husband and wife move into a new house only to discover their neighbors all belong to some kind of weird clan that meets every Wednesday night across the street at ten p.m. What is the nature of the group, and why does the wife want to join them but the husband refuses?
  92. A young man returns from the war in Afghanistan and is celebrated as a war hero. What does his longtime girlfriend do when she discovers that he fell in love with an Afghani woman?
  93. An aspiring DJ learns his newborn son has been born deaf. What does he fight about with his girlfriend, and what does he do to connect with his son?
  94. A man who drives past a church every day sees a surprising sign on their outside message board.
  95. A seven year old chess prodigy has to watch her parents divorce. How does it affect her?
  96. A boyfriend tries to propose to his girlfriend in a hot air balloon over Napa Valley, and she turns him down. What advice does the old man also riding in the balloon give to them?
  97. Write a character who has been estranged from her elderly father for more than a decade, but who finally visits him at his retirement home. Describe how she reacts when she figures out he doesn’t remember her any more.
  98. Give your character an underwater job like scuba-diving welder, oil-rig repairman or marine archeologist. What happens when this character goes underwater for the first time after their child drowns in a swimming pool?
  99. A girlfriend and boyfriend watch a full solar eclipse together. Right at the climax, what does the girlfriend tell her boyfriend that shocks him?
  100. A junior high boy reads his mother’s diaries and discovers she regularly thinks about killing him and herself. What does he do?
  101. A young couple struggling with infertility spends their time defacing children’s playgrounds. What sort of graffiti do they write, and do they ever get pregnant?
  102. An older man who repairs grandfather clocks starts to fall in love with the recently widowed owner of the cupcake shop. What trouble in their pasts starts to disrupt their affections for each other?
  103. A women’s sports team is devastated when their star player reveals she’s four months pregnant and has to quit. How does her relationship with her teammates change?
  104. A young boy starts up a dog-walking business, but gets in trouble when he falls in love with the rival starting to take away business. How does he resolve his business with his heart?
  105. Two sisters take a road trip to their mother’s jewelry shop after their father’s death. What surprises about their father has their mother kept from them, and what is the secret of the jewelry shop?
  106. A heartbroken husband chases his cheating wife through a child’s playground at night. What does he keep shouting at her, and why doesn’t she want to be with him?
  107. Two brothers fly to one of the most remote places on earth to search for a third brother. Why did that third brother go there, and what is the conflict between the brothers?
  108. A man starts drawing a graphic novel only to discover that some things he creates start to turn true in real life. What does he start to draw?
  109. A woman finds love letters written to someone else stuffed into a novel at used bookstore, and she falls in love with the letter writer. What does she do to find the person who wrote the letter?
  110. A woman says something offhandedly that blows up into a major problem, and starts a cascade of events that ruins her life. Does she apologize or defend herself?
  111. Have a wife commit an act of civil disobedience that her husband does not agree with. How do they resolve this tension between them, especially if the wife is jailed?
  112. Dream up a new invention that is wonderful for the world, but devastating to your character. How does this character respond to the invention?
  113. A mother discovers a mysterious code on the bottom of her twins’ puzzle. What does she do to try to decipher it?
  114. A mobile app developer makes an app that can do something magical. What can his app do, what kind of ethical dilemma does it raise, and what does he end up doing with it?
  115. An old woman has suddenly developed a strange hobby. What is it, and how does in put her in conflict with her neighbors?
  116. A child develops an addiction to a board game. What is the backstory that explains the sudden addiction?
  117. A father has embalmed in amber the heads of his five children who died when he fell asleep at the wheel. Where does he keep the heads, and how does he deal with his newfound insomnia?
  118. Imagine a seventeen-year-old prodigy who has revolutionized the pyrotechnic world by creating fireworks that no one has ever seen before. What is her dark secret?


The three terms below are often used interchangeably, but there are important differences between them. I’ve organized them in order, from the least information to the most information given:

  • Creative Writing Exercise

An exercise is not designed to have you create a full story. It’s trying to teach you a specific technique that you can use in a story you’ve already written, or in a story you have yet to write. They’re the most focused of the three terms below. 

  • Creative Writing Prompt

A creative writing prompt gives you a tiny fragment that you will expand into a full-blown story. In other words, they only offer an inciting idea, and not the outline of the full story.

  • Story Generator

Story idea generators give you the most information, even more than a creative writing prompt. Not only a premise, but also how the story could develop, and the main problems of the characters.

Some people call story generator “plot generators,” because what they’re looking for is a whole set-up and climax and resolution.

I don’t call this a plot generator because it’s character based rather than plot based. I’m more interested in who characters are and how they change than in an abstract concept of a five-act structure. Also, I think writers create better stories when they start with characters than when they start with plot. Write a few stories that this story generator gives you and see if you agree.

There are three good reasons to leave a comment below:

  1. If you love a particular story idea generated above, please mention it in the comments.
  2. If you have a story published using one of the ideas above, please comment and let us know where it was published!
  3. Lastly, if you have any good story ideas, please write them below! Every writer needs good inspiration at one time or another.
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  1. Hi,
    Can any one help me with a very short story with the following words.

    “Tasty, Demon, Violent, Water, Paper, Bird, Fear, Change, Measure, Thirsty, Weather, Shook, Silent, Lonely, Road, Girl”

    The story should include all these words at least once. It’s urgent.


    1. Maybe the story could be about a lonely girl on the side of the road who an evil demon is trying to possess whenever she gets in a car with someone she causes an accident but then her body floats out of the car and back to the side of the ride The weather is always rainy,on the stretch of road she’s on. She has a friend who finds the corpses to be very tasty he is a bird a vulture there was an experience when the girl was younger that made her silent and it shook her you don’t find out what it was until the end of the story. The water from the rain often floods the road and makes it difficult to drive in. The girl is very feared by the demon who us trying to possess her.

      1. I want to know a story using-prank,favorite,dp,browse,to stay,jewellery seller roaming around,cloud,pirate,emoji

      2. Hi,
        Can any one help me with a very short story with the following words.

        “Empire State Building,

        The story should include all these words at least once. It’s urgent.


    2. Everything: a demon girl with an addiction to water after being dumped on the lonely desert road for changing the weather is found by a bird carrying a piece of paper saying something about violence. Figure out the rest on your own.

      1. Hello, can someone write a short story with the following words:
        Infallibility, reiterate, precariously, tangible, discern, condone, diverting, deplorable, imperative, and zealous
        I’ll need to receive the short story fast

        Thank you,

    3. I have a vaguely similar problem with putting together my story, would anyone be able to help me put in into a cohesive narrative?? It’s protagonist is Nicky, a handsome, albeit naive 21 year old. He has just started his career as a hairstylist at a popular salon. He comes from a traditional Italian-Catholic family, with lots of Catholic motifs and imagery. It is strongly alluded that his father has ties if not is an active member of an organized crime syndicate. It all builds on Nicky’s “old school tough guy” roots. He moves into his own apartment in the downtown part of his rust-belt city. He even meets a girl he is interested in dating, who Also comes from a devoutly Christian, though more Southern-esque family. However, Nicky is experiencing horrific nightmares in his new apartment and they are only heightened after he meets a neighbor, Mary Grace, who although it is already obvious, later reveals she is in fact a witch. Mary Grace tells Nicky that their building has occult roots and her & her “coven” are planning to do a seance there. The psychological effect the apartment has on Nicky leads him to drink heavier & heavier. Nicky’s life eventually spins out of control due to his drinking & the hold Mary Grace seems to have on him. He eventually learns that Mary Grace’s coven is more of a cult with sinister plans…. have some more plot elements but I’m so stuck! ANY help with be appreciated !! Thank you 🙂

      1. I think Nicky should have a friend / partner who will be part of the story…When things seem to be at their worst and it seems that he is completely lost, he will discover a ” weapon ” inside the building, which will help him destroy the cult and be the hero of the day

      2. Who thinks this is a good idea a singer gets mail from a random person that says she has to kill the person she loves that she married a day ago she kills him and the person kills her she finds the person it was her love and he kills her turns out she was a zombie.

      3. That sounds like an AMAZING story totally amazing plot. I think maybe the girl that he is dating could come in and help him with his large problem with mary grace Good luck with the story it sounds amazing!

    4. The violent demon shook fear into the girl. He ridiculed her for being lonely, all she had was a pretty bird a blue jay. She thought carefully planned it out on paper and took her measurements very carefully on how she was going to defeat him. When she walk the road to him she swallowed some water and told him, “I do not fear you, I veiw like i would a change in my life.” He looked as if he wanted to eat her, look portrayed that she would be very tasty to him. I do not fear you, because unlike you I am not thirsty for another’s fear, I do not fear the weather which changes so suddenly, sunny one minute dreary and dark the next, and you, demon is just like the weather.” The demon shook violently until he was vanquished.

    5. A tasty food that was demons favorite was stealed by a violet shirt man.I was drinking water and seeing the paper of drawing of a bird in which I was seen in the man”s hand .I felt fearfull and a change in my measure of anxiety then I felt thirsty and the weather looked cloudy and chill and I shooed silently and went for a walk in road.I was lonely in the road .a girl walked in front of me .I feel chilled her face was seen like demon in first sight .I jumpscared and run away

    6. I licked a tasty demon that held extremely violent paper covered in water and then a feared bird changed into a tape measured that was thirsty and the weather shook a silent lonely girl that sat on the road and then I died. THE END

    7. As the lonely girl skipped down the isolated road, paper was flying around and small birds were picking at it hoping for a small snack to satisfy their aching tummies. Suddenly the weather began to change and the road became unbelievably silent, the birds no longer pecked and the girl no longer breathed. The whole ground shook as one by one the birds began to change and form a puddle of black water, the water rose from the ground and became thick sticky tar. This was a Demon., And not just any Demon, a thirsty demon whose violence was beyond measure and its desire to chew on this tasty little girl was even higher. The atmosphere became a heavy fog filled with fear as the Demon lunged at the girl, an ear biting scream whipping out of her…

    8. It was a silent night. The weather was calm until suddenly there was a change of the wind and the trees shook. The girl was lonely and fear crept in her heart. The road seemed endless and she was tired and thirsty. She looked around for some water. Suddenly she pictured the pie her mother had baked. It indeed was tasty. Her mother warned her to take a measure of safety and wear a coat lest she gets a cold as it was cold outside but she denied. Suddenly a paper came out of nowhere and swooped down like a bird towrds her as if her prey was there. she picked it up and it said” CLara! the demon is back and she is violent !” she gasped as she was clara.

    9. The black “Fight Like A Girl” slogan advertised on the fluorescent pink tee shirt made her stomach turn. Her brother gave it to her the night before her bilateral mastectomy surgery. The house was silent as she packed her hospital bag. She reached for the paper copy of her pathology report and stared at the final impression: DCIS with three areas of invasive cancer. Fear bubbled up into her throat.

      This shitty disease took my mother and my sister but it will not take me! She thought to herself. Her hand shook and she sat on the edge of the bed.

      “The road towards healing will not be easy,” the doctor warned her.

      “Bring. It. On.” She said to him. She was going to be a demon survivor and if that took sacrificing her anatomy, so be it!

      She jumped off the bed and made a mad dash to the toilet. Violent GI spasms overtook her body and she began to throw up the little tasty bits of dinner. The sour vomit lingered on her tongue. She immediately turned on the cold water and placed her mouth under the faucet. She wiped her chin with her sleeve and looked in the mirror. She felt lonely, and who was she kidding, she was scared. At this point, It was hard to measure how her life would change from this diagnosis. She stared into the mirror like it was an orb thirsty for the future life outcome.

      The day of her surgery, she woke at 4:00 a.m. D-day, and the fight begins. She thought to herself. The dawn chorus began with the trill of one bird heralding in the light. Hope. She thought to herself, Armed with hope, I will weather this diagnosis.

    10. I did this for fun.

      The black “Fight Like A Girl” slogan advertised on the fluorescent pink tee shirt made her stomach turn. Her brother gave it to her the night before her bilateral mastectomy surgery. The house was silent as she packed her hospital bag. She reached for the paper copy of her pathology report and stared at the final impression: DCIS with three areas of invasive cancer. Fear bubbled up into her throat.

      This shitty disease took my mother and my sister but it will not take me! She thought to herself. Her hand shook and she sat on the edge of the bed.

      “The road towards healing will not be easy,” the doctor warned her.

      “Bring. It. On.” She said to him. She was going to be a demon survivor and if that took sacrificing her anatomy, so be it!

      She jumped off the bed and made a mad dash to the toilet. Violent GI spasms overtook her body and she began to throw up the little tasty bits of dinner. The sour vomit lingered on her tongue. She immediately turned on the cold water and placed her mouth under the faucet. She wiped her chin with her sleeve and looked in the mirror. She felt lonely, and who was she kidding, she was scared. At this point, It was hard to measure how her life would change from this diagnosis. She stared into the mirror like it was an orb thirsty for the future life outcome.

      The day of her surgery, she woke at 4:00 a.m. D-day, and the fight begins. She thought to herself. The dawn chorus began with the trill of one bird heralding in the light. Hope. She thought to herself, Armed with hope, I will weather this diagnosis.

    11. The creature had looked like a black blob from afar, but now that it was a few paces away, she could see that it looked more like a goblin/skeleton cross. Tall and bony, with glowing orange eyes and blackened, charred looking skin. Two horns sprouted from the crown of it’s head, stretching to the darkened sky.
      “You look tasty,” the demon said, licking his lips. “I’m going to eat you.”
      The girl stared at him, not quite realizing what it had just said. Her body shook silently, fearing for her life. Never had she seen a real life demon, like in the stories her Ma had told her all those years ago.
      “P-please don’t eat me,” the girl said, “I don’t think I would taste very good.”
      He cocked his head.
      “I already know girls like you taste good. Just like those birds called ‘chickens’,” the demon snarled, walking closer to the girl. “But I’m tired of those measly birds.”
      There were no cars on the road; no one to call for help. The girl was alone with the violent demon. With no other options, she took a piece of folder paper out of her pocket.
      “Will you take this?” she asked, “it’s money.”
      The demon stared at it silently, and then started to laugh.
      “Do I look like someone who can use money?!?” the demon exclaimed.
      The ground started to shake, and the weather changed from cloudy to storming and turbulent.
      “I… this is all I have to offer.”
      “It doesn’t measure up, so you’re out of luck.”

      “I can… be your friend.”
      “Your friend. You don’t have any, am I right?”
      “What do you mean?”
      “Someone to hang out with.”


      1. Hi can some one help me with a detective and crime like a murder story please. The story should be about a detective trying to solve a murder case

    12. The weather in Alaska was always bad, especially in September. Most days, it was rainy, pouring so hard that it would have been insane to drive on a day like that. Today was no different. The trees shook unwillingly, bending so far, on either side from the violent winds, that it seemed like at any time, the trees would snap. Gaurav, a silent, auburn-haired girl sat by the window at her favorite cafe in town, tucked away in a lonely corner. This little cafe was the homey type but on days like this, there weren’t a lot of customers, which might have been why it was her favorite. Gaurav didn’t mind the weather, she appreciated the quiet.

      She had a paper and pen in hand, placed flat on the table as she scribbled away. Gaurav was an artist and more so, a perfectionist. She spent the last thirty-minutes contemplating on whether or not she should change her drawing, into something more powerful, something that made a statement, like a phoenix. A phoenix was a majestic bird with strength oozing from just its name, at least that’s what she thought.

      She had ordered a tasty donut when she arrived but now that she had eaten it all, she began to get thirsty since it had been so sweet. She went through her bag and pulled out a bottle of water. She got thirsty all the time and sometimes she wasn’t in a position where she could go buy herself one so she carried a bottle with her at all times. She chugged away on her water, relishing the fresh liquid that she consumed.

      While she did, the doorbell chimed. A tall ravishing figure walked in, broad shoulders, dark coat, dark hair, and slight stubble on his face. His footsteps could be heard as she averted her eyes from the stranger. The anxiety and fear started to build in the pit of her stomach. She didn’t like being approached by people she did not so she always went the extra mile to stay out of the way. He stopped at her table and took a seat, not once asking whether he could sit or not or greet her. His aura was dark and Gaurav felt uneasy. There were plenty of empty tables in the cafe but this man had chosen to sit at her table.

      She thought about getting up and moving to another table but then she decided against it, telling herself that she had been here first. She shoved her glasses up onto her nose bridge, it was something she often did when she was nervous as she stared down at her drawing, unsure on how to finish it since her space was invaded.

      “You forgot an eye.” His voice was rough and coarse yet thick and sweet. His voice was dangerous and struck fear into Gaurva’s heart, as it almost escaped her chest. She dared not to look at him.

      “Oh, yeah thanks,” She breathed out timidly when she had spotted her error, so much for being a perfectionist. Truth be told, she was nervous just by the measure of a mere glance from him.

      “May I borrow your cell-phone?” He asked, peering over at her, his arms braced against the table. She looked at him unsure what to say or do. He was a man that she just met for all she knew he could a creepy stalker or pedophile. He was about twenty-six years not much older than she was. He sensed her hesitation and doubt by only the moments that passed since he asked.

      “My car broke down on road on my way into town and my phone’s dead. I just need to make a quick phone call so my sister can come and pick me up.” He explained his predicament as he looked at her straight in the face. His sharp jawline and his almond eyes seemed honest. Gaurav nodded agreeing to help him this once. His vulnerability and the fact that he needed her help had aided in her fear vanishing, he no longer embodied the threatening guy she thought he was. She handed him the phone, “Here.”

      He took it, dialed the number and rested the phone at his ear, turning away from her slightly as he listened to the phone ring. He had her full attention now. She was still a little scared that he’d run away with her phone so she watched him closely.

      “Hey, it’s Raphael. I’m borrowing someone’s phone so I can’t talk long. What do you mean you don’t know any Raphael? It’s me, your brother!” He raised his voice getting frustrated with the person on the other end of the call. “My car broke down and my phone died. I don’t think I’m gonna make it to the reunion anyway. I’m at Homey’s Cafe; could you come and get me?”

      “What do you mean you can’t make it?” He questioned the other person. “No, don’t ask him. I’ll find my way there then. Never mind, forget it.”

      “I’m not being childish or stubborn; he got me suspended for something I didn’t do.” He paused for a bit, listening to what whosoever he was talking to had to say. “You try being friends with a guy that dated the girl you liked. I don’t care if he’s my brother. Do not call him.” He warned.

      It was a while before he said anything again until she heard him say, “Fine, call him. I don’t have a choice anyway. Yeah, later, see you then.” Then he hung up and turned to Gaurav, handing her her phone. “Thanks.” He said.

      Gaurav was trying her best not to burst out in laughter; unfortunately, little giggles had escaped her lips. She took her phone and glimpsed the stranger in front of her, the tips of his ears were red, he was mortified. That made it even funnier.

      “So a reunion, eh?” She asked, finding some sort of courage to make conversation, while she drew.

      He nodded, “Yes, it’s tomorrow.”

      “Cool,” she replied smiling a bit to herself at his over-the-phone-conversation for a minute she thought his bickering was… cute.

      “So you’re an artist?”

      “Yeah, I’m trying to ‘hone’ my craft.” A smiled formed on her lips as she said this as she thought back to the reason she got into art.

      “Well, I am too.” She told her. As she examined him, she noticed his brown eyes had flecks of green and she realized he had an ear piercing too. Immediately, she had him pegged as the bad boy type, not an artist at all. This piqued her interest. She would have never guessed. She looked at him quizzically and he recognized this as a look of incredulity.

      “My bad, I’m Raphael-

      Before he could finish his statement, another man walked in and a gust of wind had made her chilly. She hugged her sweater around her. He was wearing a brown lumberjack jacket and his dirty blonde hair was wet with drops of water. He walked over to her table and she frowned at the man that stood at five ft. ten inches. He was her high school ex-boyfriend.

      “Michael, what are you doing here? I already gave you my answer, it’s not happening.” It was like a mechanism, it came out with her not having to think about it. He had asked her multiple times to take him back, she just assumed today was like all those other days.

      He scoffed, “Not everything is about you. I’m here for him.”

      Suddenly, everything made sense, Raphael asked, not realizing that the atmosphere had shifted ever since Michael had walked in. “Do you guys know each other?”

      “NO!” I blurted.

      “YES!” Michael blurted the opposite.

      “Okay…” He held his hand out for a handshake, “Like I was saying earlier, I’m Raphael-

      I cut him off, I already knew who he was. He was Michael’s brother, “Demon. You’re Raphael Demon and Michael is your brother…”

      So this is what I would have written with all those words.

    13. can someone help me come up with an interesting plot for my fanfic? So basically

      There’s a guy named J who just became a police officer, but then he meets a seductive criminal who he starts lusting after but he’s taken already by his Sugar Daddy who is very possessive over him (he’s a underground drug lord). There’s also this other guy who is lusting after the seductive criminal, he was in the same Orphanage as him when he was a kid. He’s obsessed with him and wants him too, so he hates J because he knows that the seductive criminal has taken a liking to the Police Officer.

      I’d very much appreciate it if someone could help me with this

    14. I need help writing a story on:
      Ever felt so useless to the point where you don’t understand the point to your existence? Well I’m probably the most useless human being around! I come from a middle class family, I have a nice home, great education, and I guess some love. I have these amazing friends and compared to them I’m nothing! They can draw, edit, sing, write, dance! They ask have a talent! I have a twin sis who is an extraordinary artist and violinist! She is great at science, and pretty much has her whole life planned in front of her! Let’s keep all this to the side and more about me I can’t do anything (not because I’m disabled) I took many classes on different things but I can’t even develop one talent! I’m stuck in a mess about a guy I’m trying to forget for the post 2 years nothing happened between us (we didn’t even date) but he loved me! And to me someone caring about me is pretty hard to find, I mean I know my parents love me but we weren’t the best family! My parent’s pretty much fought every other week…ahh so am I kidding, almost every day! At first I was very scared of everything kept everything bottled up but like every coke bottle that explodes because of the mentos, I had mine, it was about a year ago when I bursted! Did it do anything? No, I had to face my consequences and got yelled at!

    15. Once upon there was a boy that was eating a tasty cake, but a violent demon came and splashed water to his paper bird origami. When the boy saw the water he felt fear and anger. He measured how tall the demon was and changed the music in the radio. He was thirsty, so he went inside the house to get a drink of water, and saw that the weather outside was cloudy. He shooked silently, and lonely in his room because the weather outside was cloudy. The demon then crossed the road to leave, but then saw the boy sad and made his way up to the boy’s room to console him. The demon turned into a girl and became best friends with the boy. The boy never knew the girl was a demon. They lived happily together as best friends. THE END!!!

      BTW, I am the famous singer Ariana Grande. Hope you like this story, and if you don’t like well it is okay.

    16. I need help in writing a story about a kid who encountered a monster, but the story can not have any violence. Also, the monster ca not harm or maim the kid because those are my teachers rules for the story, and it has to be at least 5 paragraphs long. In addition, the story has to include all of the plots elements: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Please this is urgent and it is due today.

    17. Hiii I really want to write a story so can anyone help me please and I really want it to be like about goddesses or just any random plots that you guys haveeee please help me I really need it!

      Thank youuu!

  2. This is great, I love the way it’s both random and not random. The ideas make sense but it’s also something I couldn’t have thought of myself. Really glad this exists.

    1. Over a thousand years ago, trees were planted in Calke Abbey, these trees hold a secret, they are a gateway to a secret world, hidden away from the world we know.

  3. I’m writing a novel regarding a wife and mother that has never told her husband or daughter, friends etc.. about her dark past. She was involved with someone that turned violent and went to prison for murder. I will be introducing 3-4 characters or possible suspects that could be stalking her. Any advice/ideas of specific ways someone could stalk and cause her harm? I’m researching stalking and kidnapping. I want to scare and shock the reader, for this is why I enjoy reading this type of book. Thank you.

    1. I think any form of stalking is harmful. Opening bathroom windows, breaking the blinds at eye level so he can see inside, sneaking inside while she sleeps, etc, is all creepy without getting actual physical harm. Of course, then you could progress to drugging her food to start the kidnapping, or carving words into her skin while she’s unconscious.

      And when you’re finished, please consider Bookfox for your editing needs!

      1. Personally, I think that the most terrifying ways to stalk someone are these three things:

        Firstly, going after someone but not having them no you exist, but rather feel it. Imagine the idea of feeling that you are always being watched, knowing that someone is following you home everyday, but not being able to tell someone because without evidence it just makes you look insane.

        Secondly, online stalking. We’re talking hackers, stalkers, people who get accessed via their digital footprint. You should look up these great social experiments were people learn about someone based off their facebook page, go to where they are likely to be, and then creep them out by telling them all this information about themselves that this total stranger shouldn’t know, right?

        Thirdly, the idea of someone else you know being stalked. You said she has a husband, imagine him describing to her what appears to be someone stalking him, and her slowly realising that the stalker seems dangerously similar to her old ex… That would give me chills.

        Anyway, just a couple of suggestions, and thanks for raising the interesting idea. Toodles!

  4. I read the story generator’s default story when I looked: the premise of the three brothers, two of whom decide to pay a visit to the third whom they haven’t seen in many years. Here’s what I came up with immediately. Orville and Wilbur Wright decide to visit their brother Ezekiel who has decided to withdraw from society. He lives on a small island off the Outer Banks, eschewing civilization and the advance of technology. The brothers arrive and during a conversation, realize that Ezekiel is crazy. He threatens to return to the mainland and destroy all their plans and their functioning airplanes. He chases them with a rake. They manage to get into their airplane, a technological advance over their initial 1903 model, and just manage to take off with Ezekiel chasing them. Back on the mainland they discuss what to do with their crazy brother. They hire a doctor and several attendants to get Ezekiel and put him in a home for the unstable. However, the team finds the island abandoned. About six months later, Wilbur dies shortly after eating a meal (in reality, Wilbur died a day after consuming shelfish in 1912. OK. Who wants to buy the rights to the movie?

  5. I’m trying to come up with a good plotline for a roleplay with friends. I love supernatural stuff and I have this idea of each character being haunted by their own personal ghost. Not necessarily in a bad way, as some may be past loved ones or something. I’m not sure how to make a story line out of this. I love the concept, but what’s the goal? And who is the antagonist?

  6. You should do a 17 year old girl who kills her best friend because she wanted a boy and the the friend haunts her and it leads to series of events with police, people online saying she is crazy, family not trusting her, the girl keeps getting visits from the ghost friend, and and then finds a way to bring her back to life

    1. Do you think I could use that idea for my next book? With a few details changed, of course, but it’s really a good idea.

    1. I wouldnt advise on doing that as a Childcare worker I believe there are many more topics you could write about. Like hide and seek throwing a catching balls whats the time Mr wolf drawing painting crawling walking singing anything but diahrreah. Or maybe you could do it if you really wish too and a child has a bad case of it and then the diaoreah spreads throughout the service. And through out the town and then a special elite team have to come and eradicate the plague. Haha.

  7. I am currently planning a novel and would like to get some feedback on the plot I have at present, to see how I could develop it further. While living with his parents, Kaiden never believed that he could truly be himself. Now he is going to university, he knows he can finally be himself without worrying about being struck by the opinions of his family, and his homophobic brother. As a boy who has struggled with depression, anxiety, and struggling through a phase of insomnia he finds that being at university is improving his mental state. Until he realises that he has the ability to see, absorb and manipulate the emotions of the people around him (Empathy). As he gets used to living a completely independent life and develops his Empathy power, he discovers that he is being followed. Little to his knowledge that there is an entire agency dedicated to the monitorization of people with abilities. As he begins to delve deep into the agents who are following him, he discovers the true size of the agency. He is then greeted by the lady running the agency, who goes only by “Mother”. She offers him a chance to join the agency, and they will help him control his powers and unlock a new stage he could never hope to unlock without him. Theron is hesitant and tells her that he will not leave university but he will consider it once he finishes university. Within the agency the there are a select few who want to leave the agency but instead decide to take it over. They form a group, and derive a plan of getting Theron to use his Empathic powers to take out “Mother”, so they could take over without anyone within the agency questioning her replacement. So they capture Theron’s parents, his brother and sister-in-law as well as his 11-month-old niece, housemates and his boyfriend. When “Mother” discovered their plans, she invited Theron to the agency in order to get him on her side instead of theirs. Instead, he decides to side with neither and he uses his powers to destroy the agencies defences and rescues everyone he loves. In the attempt to escape, his boyfriend and niece are killed in front of him. It puts Theron in an uncontrollable rage, and he uses his powers to destroy the building and everyone instead. A Month later, Theron attends his nieces funeral. As he takes a moment outside the church, a man approaches him saying that he has the power to take him back in time to save his niece, but as long as he also saves someone for him. Theron agrees and he is taken to the past, where he saves not only his niece but his boyfriend and the little girl as agreed. Little does he know that by doing his he steps on more butterflies than he was meant to, and that now in the new future “Mother” survived and rebuilt the agency this time in greater secrecy.

    1. This sounds like a good premise, but as an editor I usually work with finished manuscripts, not just outlines. Please feel free to contact me when you’re done, though!

    2. It sounds like a really great idea for a novel, however, I’m a bit confused about who Kaiden is. You started your story out with this “Kaiden” sounding like the main character but then it seems to switch to a different character by the name of Theron. Just a bit confusing 🙂 No worries though, it sounds like a great book.

    1. I’ve thought of a few ideas- hope I’m not too late!
      1. The race to the top of the social pyramid/ the race for power
      2. An actual race
      3. A struggling student who has to race to become the best in their class in order to achieve their dream.

  8. Love your site! The prompts are so diffrent and refreshing , I really like the added religious aspects in some of them as it adds a lot more to the chracter.

  9. Im looking for a thriller story to write. It would just be a 2-3 pages and I really enjoy the big hit of excitement at the end of stories. The gasp of unexpectance is the best part for me. Im looking for any plot that includes the unliving, crime, governmental secrets, and an ending that isn’t too happy or sad.

  10. Okay, so i’m trying to make something like this, but I need extra add-ons to this. Basically all I have (it’s bad, someone help me please) is the leader of a country has died, and you now are in Anarchy. Your neighbors think you did some very very evil things to them, but really you didn’t and someone else did. Now they want to kill you, since it’s anarchy. (this is for a game) The two things you have to do now is a. Stop your neighbors from killing you. b. Find out who’s behind framing you for the evil things & kill him so you don’t have the trouble anymore. Ideas on fixing, or is it already good?

  11. Hey I need urgent help on a short story with the them of loneliness or change, nothing supernatural please. I would like it something that the reader will never forget, thought-provoking and a bit creepy. I don’t want a happy ending I want it be realistic. I will accept any ideas please help xxxx

    1. Maybe it could be about a girl who’s brother and dad die in a car crash. The girl is 14. The mom wants a fresh start, so she and the daughter pack up and move to a town where the girl learns that change is everywhere and she needs to accept that. Meets a boy, blah blah, you get the point.

  12. Hello. A very good website – love it(!) – and have been given many great ideas from it. When I finish my novel/novella is there anyone who would be happy to critic/check/edit, basically just read it? Do you do that BOOKFOX?

  13. I’m in middle school and going to a writing camp over vacation. I need a twenty page illustrated story by tomorrow and I know I cant get it done. I feel super pressured and can’t figure out a good story plot! I feel like I’m freaking out a little bit and I need some help, and the teacher doesn’t really understand that I just can’t figure out something to write. I’m generally a really good author but I’ve had brain freeze during camp for the past few days. Any tips?

  14. Hi!
    Can anyone help me? I can’t make the short plot.
    This story involves a successful business woman, a businessman (her rival), a huge mistake, a revenge, a romance, a missing person, and an attempted murder.

  15. The plots are fantastic i must say, of all story or plot generator this is the best one, Im new to writing story and i need some help ^-^; If you have an idea on what do i do first as a newriter please comment ^-^ thank you very much

    1. Devote yourself to a single prompt and just write as long as you can on it. Nothing special. Just focus and really flesh out that single idea. Get a rough first draft and then you can edit it later.

  16. I’m sorry but how do you use this generator? Maybe I’m just dumb or something but I don’t get it.
    Does anybody mind explaining, please?

      1. Most people see a “New Story Idea” on the left just below the generator. It works for me.

        Can I ask what browser you’re using? Maybe change the browser and see if it works?

  17. Hello,
    I have opened this page in Microsoft Edge and Firefox and there is no New Story Idea button showing in either browser. There is a picture of Mammoth List of Creative Writing Prompts and a Best Story Generator of All Time, but where is the generator and the button?

    1. Hi,

      I’ve tried it in Safari, Firefox and Chrome and can see the Story Generator in all 3 browsers. Not quite sure why people are having this problem.

  18. Hello again,

    I checked back here to see if you had responded and this time instead of two black lines which I had assumed were spacing for the page, between the two lines was a short story idea and below that, a New Story Idea clickable text.

    Thank you for fixing/updating the page. May I suggest that you add a color highlight to the New Story Idea text to make it look more like a button?

    Thanks, again!

  19. Man I still can’t see anything, which is weird since I got it to work before. Using Chrome btw, but my version of chrome has always been a little weird so it may just be me.

  20. Hello.
    Can anyone help me with a one location 3-5 characters faith based movie. I will be more than happy to give you the credit.
    Emmanuel Sassoon

    1. It could be about a young man in college who has the perfect life. He has amazing friends, a wonderful family, and an incredible girlfriend. Suddenly one day he gets a letter saying that he has a son (5 or 6 years old) whose mother (one of his ex-girlfriends) has just died and he was the boy’s only living relative. So he takes the boy in. The boy has very traumatic things in his past that (they don’t know yet) his father can relate to a lot. As they spend more and more time together, the boy starts to open up to his father sharing the things of his past and telling him how his faith in God has helped him through all of it. Eventually his father opens up to the boy and in the end his son leads him to Christ.

      I hope this helps 🙂

  21. Hi,
    Can any one help me with a very short story with the following words.
    pyromaniac, all-night diner, bowling pin, polyester, skycap, tuna fish, gardenia, infinity

    Needs to include two characters, a place, two objects, an adjective and all the words stated above.

    1. A young girl was born with no arms or legs; she was just a torso with a head. When she is eight, she realizes she has the ability of a magnet; she can pull anything to her, giving her a bulky, Hulk-like form. She notices most police aren’t doing they’re job of defeating the bad guys, so she decides to fight them herself.

    1. It could be about a couple who want kids, but can’t have any. So they decide to adopt. They travel to Africa (or somewhere else) to meet the boy/girl they are going to adopt. They spend a lot of time with them and get attached to the child. While they are, they learn that the boy/girl has had a very traumatic past and when they go to meet him/her, they discover thathe/she is missing. The couple goes looking for the child and eventually find them. They adopt him/her and go home.

  22. Can anyone help with a storyline based on the life of the homeless? I’m thinking a woman who is homeless (in Melbourne CBD) sees and hears the same people walking past each day and slowly pieces together bits of their lives, relationships, work via hearing phone calls and gathering dropped pieces of paper etc. Somehow the women meets a businessman (who is one of the people walking past her) and he helps her out of homelessness/possibly fall in love? Needs to mainly focus on homelessness though. Any suggestions or ideas to change or add would be so so greatly appreciated! Thankyou 🙂

  23. I have a story idea if anyone wants to use it. Here it is: There’s a lady YouTuber who is famous and she marries a secret agent who claims he works at an office. She got raped at 16 and has a baby boy. A man comes in the house looking for the secret agent. He finds the YouTuber and kidnaps her. The secret agent and his partner try and find the lady. They find her strapped into a chair with duct tape covering her mouth. They get her out of there. Later, they have twin baby girls together.
    I hope you like it! I didn’t put too much detail into it. I left that up to you! Check out my YouTube channel HorseGirl Roblox soon to be HorseGirl Gaming + More.

  24. Some great ideas! i’m just getting back into writing now (in my 30s) used to write regularly in my teens and twenties. tI’m trying to recharge the imagination 🙂

  25. A girlfriend and boyfriend watch a full solar eclipse together. Right at the climax, what does the girlfriend tell her boyfriend that shocks him? Can anybody help with story ideas

    1. She could tell him that:
      – she’s moving away
      – she found out she has cancer
      – she has a really bad heart condition and only has one month to live

  26. Someone said to leave a comment so the generator pops up *testing* Also, can anyone help me with some good romance plots? I plan on creating them with a ship in mind

    1. It could be about this girl (let’s just say her name is Lily) who has had a rough past and her dad just died. So she and her mom are moving to have a fresh start. She is the new kid at her school and she meets a boy (Andrew) and it is hate at first sight for the two of them. But as they get to know each other, they start to fall in love. But what happens when Andrew finds out that he has cancer (or something) and only has a few months left to live? Will he tell her how he really feels or will he leave her forever and both of them will be wondering what could have been?

  27. I modified one a bit: A boy and girl hiking off trails in an undiscovered mountain stumble across three shiny spherical objects the size of small cars. What happens when an old man who claims to be the “guardian” of these objects shows up and leaves the children wondering what the object is?

  28. Someone feel free to use this one:

    Constance and Roman are living in a snowglobe, discovered by a young gothic teen. She’s living alone and no one knows her parents died when they left for Paris months earlier…except Sebastian Crete.
    She had received the empty snow globe (with a castle inside) at a gift shop she worked at one day and the shopkeeper ‘insisted’ that she take it, as he found it unsellable.
    She is shocked to learn there are two people living in her snow globe, a couple who claim they were trapped there by a cruel witch centuries before. They make a deal with her. Track down the witch’s grave and get back the emerald ring which will release them.
    Sebastian Crete arrives and she confesses what is going on. He doesn’t believe her at first until she shows him, and he is awed.
    Nonetheless, he agrees to dig her up, as he is a rebel and also hopes to get any other jewelry she may have on her.
    They spend all night digging at the lonesome grave atop the hill. When they crack it open, they find the emerald ring and take it.
    The moment they touch the ring, they find themselves transported into the snow globe. When they look on the outside, they see Constance and Roman, bearing a wicked smile.
    They stuff the snowglobe in her brown satchel and leave the house. For this time they can only hear what’s going on the outside.
    They arrive at her store, inquiring to the shopkeeper how to get back to their own time. Missy is shocked to learn that he is able to help them. They plan to go back and destroy the witch before a time she was set to punish them.
    She gets them instead and claims the globe.
    Sebastian uses the ring to scrape at the glass, weakening it as time goes on. Finally, he kicks it, cracks it, and falls out. But leaves Missy behind inside. The witch claims the ring from him, which with the promise not to hurt Missy or him, he willingly gives to her.
    After Sebastian cracks the snow globe and sets her free, she does not return to her full size without the ring. They are stuck in a time they are unfamiliar with.

  29. pleas write a story on the following outline:
    hens and small animals start disappearing form a farm- no one knows how- farmers very upset- 3 boys and girls form a gang of detective- call themselves rustic spys- keep a vighul on farm at night- shocked to find

    1. it could be about a Ouija board and a group of detectives pushed to their limits and science and the paranormal meet each other

  30. A 18-year-old woman who has grown up in a polygamous Mormon community just outside St. George, Utah, decides she wants to leave just before she’s betrothed to a much older man with three wives. How does she escape, and how do they attempt to track her down?
    Mormons are not polygamous it was just during the time that they were forced to go Utah while woman couldn’t own land and we do not track down people who choose to leave our religion.

  31. is there anyone who could think of a short story about a stolen identity witch leads to a kidnap and a suicide.?

  32. Greetings to all and thank you Bookfox for this amazing website. I stumbled upon it accidentally via google searching and I have spent the past three hours here. From the information and generator to all the visitor comments and help I found such amazing ideas, insights, and a new place to come back to. So thankful to have found this website and I will be sure to share it with friends!! Happy writing everyone!!

  33. Liberty butterscotch was thinking about Alec Dickson again. Alec Dickson was a cute smart guy with muscly body. Liberty walked over to the window and reflected on her beautiful surroundings. She had always love the magic of New York with its creepy crooked cliff it was a place that encouraged her tendency to feel happy.
    Then she saw something in the distance or rather someone it was figure of Alec Dickson. Liberty gulped she glanced at her own reflection. He was handsome stood there with skinny glasses of red wine but a lot of people thought of him as impure but I could see that angelic touch. He rescued a baby from burning building
    The rain hammered like galloping horse making liberty mad. She grab a gun that had been stored new by she massaged with her fingers finding her way to the trigger liberty then step outside alec came closer she could she the worried guilt in the dark eyes alec gazed with the affection of 9658 dogs he said in a hushed tone. “I love you and I want affection “the rain fell around them alec moved his way in to the house. Liberty still holding the gun. “Alec get out of my house “she replied her voiced cracked as tears filed her eyes.
    They look at each other with scared feeling. Alec study liberty eyes she was scared liberty then took deep breath and said “I’m sorry “began liberty in an apologetic tones “but I don’t feel the same way and I never will I just don’t love you alec”
    Alec looked lost in his emotion. Liberty could hear his heart shatter in to 1000 paces she knew this is what she had to do to protect him. Alec left but before he left he lowed liberty gun so it was pointing to the floor and kissed her forehead before leaving the house.
    Liberty berthing became heavier she was broken she had to do if alec was going to be safe it what had to be she thought. He name liberty mean to be free but she didn’t feel free she was trapped by his word his voice in her head alec was gone

    this is my short story am not so sure pls tell me what you think bear in mind am 10

  34. I am currently working on a novel within my free time. It involves a partly apocalyptic future torn apart by man made diseases.
    The chapters fluctuate between the viewpoint of four different characters who fit completely different roles within the story.
    The characters so far have names and their difference.
    Each difference is a disease or gentic mutation.

    Ritta Ridger-Rash.

    Mr Ridger-Mutant.

    Speciemen Four-Lizard Fever/Saurian/Scaily.

    Jerimiah Krause-Fireye.

    What are your thoughts, or do i need i randomly say more info.

      1. Great, I guess we’ll see.

        My main problem is the slowness this is working at, it is normal to write a chapter, change everything, start again, change some more. My first chapter still isn’t finished and i’ve been working on it for half a year, is that normal, or am i just experiencing a normal writers challenge like everyone else.

        BTW, your posts and little articles really helped me so far, alot of the changes came after seeing that i messed up after reading your advice for fictional writters.

      2. Yep, the slowness is normal. The challenges are normal.

        And so glad to hear that my posts have been helpful. I’d love to hear which ones were your favorite.

      3. Ok great.
        The guides on making good characters really helped, it made me look back and realize, “No one cares about my characters” so i redid them to make them more suitable to reality, the character quiz thing was good, i didn’t know i knew so little about my own characters.

        I’ve been writting a second story, and posting chapters online, it now has a small fanbase, but as i look back at this story, i found myself hating it, i no longer find joy in writting it, i want to quit and start over with my renewed writting skills, but i don’t want to disapoint my fans.

        My question is this, if i hate my own story, do i try starting over anyway, or improve it, even if i find no joy in it?

      4. If you hate your own story, it’s a good sign that something isn’t working. Either you find a way to change the story so you start liking it, or you try to write another story that you’re excited to write.

        If you’re bored, the reader will always be bored.

      5. I’ve revised my online story, and so far, the readers are taking really well. I deleted all the previous chapters and started new ones. I’m trying to really go for the scared character who forgets his most his past, I’m trying to get the feeling of confusion and mystery.
        I’ve kept a few important details from the old story and some of my readers imeadiatly made the connection, which pleases me. I would like to thank you for your help, it’s really brought the joy back into writing. If you wish to read it, I’ll give ya the details.

  35. I have this one idea for a story, but I’m not sure whether it’s worth of writing. It’s about this one guy who helps people to get off the streets and people with depression/anxiety etc. He’s not the protagonist, but more of a “tool” to the main character to get over his angst and to try live a good life, with his new found best friend/love interest (I don’t know if I’ll actually write anything between them). So the helper guy commits suicide, and his friends don’t know if he was killed by his boss (he’s kinda part of a criminal mob), or if he killed himself, even though to everyone it’s pretty obvious that he killed himself, they just don’t want to admit that to themselves. So the group of friends start to “investigate” into the reasons for a) his boss killing him, b) him killing himself.
    As the investigation goes further, the group loses people one by one, the first one just leaving angrily, not wanting to think about their friends death, the second one killing themselves since they were the helper guy’s best friend for year and they know that the helper guy killed himself, and it pains them so much. The third one kills themselves too, since they were kind of a “foster child” of the helper guy and his best friend. The three of them lived together and the foster child person just feels like they have nothing out there anymore. It’s kind of like that each one in that group had their mental problems, and the helper guy’s death shakes that and messes with their heads. They’re almost everyone depressed, the first leaving person having severe problems with aggression and anger management, the helper guy’s best friend being ex-alcoholic and the third(“the foster child”) having bad trauma of being abandoned. The main character is suffering from borderline personality disorder and his best friend from depression.
    So after the majority of the friend group dies/leaves, the main character and his best friend drop the investigation since they realise how the helper guy died and what happened after that, and they promise each other to help each other out and try to keep on living well, because that’s what the helper guy probably wanted.

    The problem with this idea is that.. I fear that the plot is not “plot” enough, and it’s a bit too slice of life and depressing for a book (but then again, I like those kind of books myself so I like to write them too). I don’t know, maybe I should add something to this to make it have more spine for the story.

    1. It’s tough to tell without you writing it. But I would encourage you to write it, because the process of writing is going to give you more ideas and the idea will be shaped by the act of writing it. Some things you can only figure out through the process of writing.

      Clearly this is an idea that you’ve thought about for some time, so go for it.

  36. Hey y’all! i am trying the November Novel (50000 word book in the month of november) and i need a book plot. I want some romance, mystery, sacrifice, and i want it in the mid-eval times. The main characters is a 17 year old girl named Lillian-Grace Heath, but she goes by Lilly-Grey. Please help with the plot!

  37. Hi! I am kind of looking for ideas to write a script for a play. My theme is “Corruption In The Medical Sector”. The only requirement I want is that the ending and the story should have kind of a moral cause the play has to be enacted by students. Please help!

  38. I was just wondering if someone could help me finish a short story that I have been working on. I keep writing it, making it longer and longer, but I can’t put it to an end. (When will it end?!)
    Title: Finding Camelot
    Characters: Descendant of Arthur- Alix, Descendant of Merlin- Claire, Descendant of Lancelot- Seth
    (I have one other character that comes in, but I think that I want to have it end just before meeting him. He is supposed to be a descendant of Percival. Yes, I was trying to go with characters that are common in the Arthurian legend.)
    Setting: The time period is around four to five generations after Arthur. The main character, Alix, is the daughter of a servant to the current king of that time. Alix and Claire go to Caerleon, which is where they find Camelot, as in the title.
    Plot: Alix is visited by Claire and her father who asked her to join them to Caerleon, she accepts only because it is Claire that is going. When the three arrive they have vivid dreams of Merlin and Arthur, or rather, themselves. Alix is visited yet again by Merlin in the inn that they decided to stay at. Merlin leads her to the Round Table, little do they know that Claire has followed them. The door to the Table is sealed tight, only the descendant of Arthur is able to open it. It isn’t only Claire and Alix that have had these dreams of their ancestors, but Seth of Lancelot descent has as well. He makes his way to Caerleon and introduces himself to Alix who then knights him. There is a budding relationship between Alix and Seth.

    If there is anything that is missing or any holes that you think I need to fill, then please tell me and I will clarify anything.

      1. I’ve had a similar problem, but it happens with the name generator instead of this one.

        Instead of the actual generator, its a blank full of code.

  39. “A child unjustly accuses her father of m*lesting her. After she is taken away by Child Protective Services, she admits it was a lie, and she is placed back in the home. How does the relationship between her and the father change?”

    holy shit this should never have been an option for this generator to produce – this is an actively harmful idea, and as a survivor of csa, not a topic that should be casually thrown in here??

  40. I want to write something that fits the title ‘Snowstorm’ and has a nice blend of fantasy, humor and romance.

  41. I need something of a plot that links a hacker working for the cia and is on a tight leash and a ceo that goes against the law secretly

  42. This website needs to clear things up. It has some serious misconceptions. One of the prompts states:
    “A 18-year-old woman who has grown up in a polygamous Mormon community just outside St. George, Utah, decides she wants to leave just before she’s betrothed to a much older man with three wives. How does she escape, and how do they attempt to track her down?”
    I can’t say this in a better way: MORMONS ARE NOT POLYGAMOUS. THEY JUST AREN’T. In fact, its against their standards to practice polygamie. Also, if you know anything about mormons, they wouldn’t track a girl down just to marry her. Mormons have very strict standards and believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and doing good to all men and women. If websites like this continue to drop lies about religions, cultures, or races, problems arise. This website needs to fix its prompts.

  43. I’m writing about a girl with an invisible mark that she doesn’t even know about, A school, A Forebidden Room, other marked ones, and special abilities.
    Can anybody help me, I need to actually begin my story, so far I only have the idea for it, and some of the characters.

    1. What are you missing so far? We could give you ideas, but I think I would need a little bit more information about what your looking for.

    1. Wow! I actually sort of did this one! What if you make your main charater a demon, who doesnt want to be bad? Then she tries to convince her school, Demoni High, that they dont have to be bad. Or evil, just loving.

  44. I need help with my story idea. Any ideas for a story with the words cat girl, adventure, romance, finding the past, and with a setting of the mid evil era. Any ideas?

    1. What about, a cat that gets transformed into a girl. She beomes a cat girl. Then she goes on an adventure with the girls best friends so she can get her cat bod back. While on the adventure, she meets a boy that totally falls for her. While still on the andventure, she goes back and discovers the girls past. That makes her want to fix it. And to top it all of, for half of the book, they were in the mid evil era.

  45. hey guys?
    i need to write a short story about DNA at crime scene. I have few ideas but they don’t make “DNA” the spotlight. can you please help me.

  46. I need help. I am writing a novel and I need help. In this story, I want it to be sad but happy parts are included. a general area that I would like for it has is something that has to do with a teenage girl dealing with depression. the twist is I don’t want it like regular depression stories. can someone help me?

  47. I can see you have some really good and challenging writing prompts here. Some could easily lead to a novella, like the one about the widowed father trying to win his teenage girls’ affection.

  48. Just a little tip from a first-time visitor to your site; one of your writing prompts references a transgender man as a protagonist, but repeatedly refers to the character as ‘her’. If you intend to write about transgender people, encourage others to write about transgender people, or edit stories about transgender people, I suggest that you correct this. I hope that this feedback will be taken in the constructive spirit which it is given.

  49. hey im trying to write a short story about a girl who got bullied and then commited suicide can you please hekp me asap x

  50. The prompt you have that reads, “A female pianist who has recently transitioned into a man keeps getting phone calls from a blocked number, asking her to play the piano at their funeral. What person in her past is behind the calls, how do they know they will die soon, and why does this person want her to play?”
    should probably be altered, if it is a pianist who has recently transitioned to a man, then the pronouns should be “he” not “she” as this is misgendering a male character.

  51. I have a premise about a girl who discovers she’s a Cambion- half human, half incubus/succubus- after being rescued from a bloodthirsty demon by a Wiccan priestess. She is taken to a Cambion refuge where she meets others like her…….……………………. and that’s where I fizzle out (roughly fifty pages in.)

    I’ve tried plot generators to boost the story forward but they don’t cater to the specific details I already have. I need a new obstacle for the characters. A new conflict. An antagonist. Can anyone throw some suggestions my way going off my original premise please? It would be a great help because my brain is about to explode.

    1. this is just a suggestion:

      at the camp, she meets two men. one who is an older and one who is her age. she falls in love with the younger one as does he with her. then she finds out that the other man is really her father and they both also find out that they are royalty. being king with so much power, her father starts planning something for the kingdom. she doesn’t know what it is. all she knows is that it is going to be very bad for the people. so she has to work with her other friends she met in the camp as well as the other man whom she had fallen in love with, to save her people.

      just a suggestion. hope it helps you! 🙂 and im sorry if it doesnt 🙁

  52. A famous pop star that falls in love with a normal normal girl with major self esteem issues. Any ideas?

  53. Guys, I just need an idea for a fiction book, that’s like science fiction but more fun rather than more informational.

  54. oi, I have no idea what to write for a story and all i got is a cat who is a keeper of this magic eye ball necklace then these cats called 3 tails take the necklace turning the keeper into a spirit thing…

  55. hi. I was just wondering if anyone had a story idea. I just want something that could make people sad and feel sympathy for the characters. something that people can relate to but not a problem about someone in love with a boy or girl they don’t get. just something more real. and upsetting.

    1. You should definitely have a tragic back story. Maybe where the character does some thing they regret deeply(maybe hurting a loved one or partner). But then the loved one dies before they can make up for it. So they try to run away and forget what they did, but just hurt more people in the process. Then they find the perfect partner and then that person hurts them. Then U can finish it off how ever I want

  56. Hi, I’m a high school student who would like to pursue my dream of writing and become an author. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and dream of creating an amazing book series that will be as memorable and magical as Harry Potter. I have an idea for a novel but I don’t know where to start. This is my idea:

    Jack Meyers is a 15-year-old boy who can predict the future through nightmares but doesn’t know it. He has been having nightmares for as long as he can remember. He just doesn’t see the connection between his dreams and events that happen in the world yet. He thinks his nightmares are normal and are nothing. But that all changes when his parents, along with his sister, go missing. So he enrolls the help of one of their family friends, Samuel Ross. When he tells Samuel that he thinks he can predict the future, Samuel enrolls Jack into (name of school; haven’t thought of one yet). (If you have a name for the dome please let me know) There, Jack meets Angst Grinmond, the Headmaster. Angst tells Jack about a prophecy that was foretold many centuries before he was born, about Jack. The fate of the universe as they know it rests in Jack’s hands.

    What do you think? I want to possibly make it into a series and also if you have any ideas on a name for the school please let me know. What do I need to add to it? I want it to include fantasy, teen romance, mystery, drama. You know, the good stuff 🙂 Anyway please let me know if I should add or take stuff out. Ultimately, HELP ME!

  57. I need a story using

  58. Wondering if anyone had a story idea.. about to friends who were on the run from their hometown in North Carolina and ended up living in San Francisco. i want to add kind of a magical twist, maybe have them both as witches.. but not sure how to put it all together! alittle help or inspiration would be great

    1. A lonely fox named Foxy is sitting by a tree, alone. When a friendly kitty comes and is extremely nice to Foxy. Later, Blanky, a sarcastic Blanket, joins them. And they have adventures together.

  59. I was thinking of this as a plot line for a story:

    Alex Sanchez is a 15-year-old who lives in a world where teenagers are discriminated and looked down at just because the elders think that they are lazy, arrogant, and selfish. And once they turn 18, they are seen as regulars of the community and everything beforehand is forgotten What they don’t know is that teenagers are none of these things, but are actually the complete opposite. Alex wants to show the community this somehow, but the government and everyone else, including his own parents, are against him. So he and some of his friends and classmates get together and form a group dedicated to helping the teens of their community find their place, make their mark, and rise up.

    What do you think? Would you read it?

    1. It sounds interesting, but what if they had laws working against them. For every law, they broke there was a severe punishment because the elders believed that beating teenagers and children was most effective in stopping them. At one point near the climax, Alex loses hope only for his friend which was very against it, in the beginning, shares his views. With new hope, he goes against the elders for one last time.

  60. Hi! I need help coming up with a good story with these words; Vicarious, Sanguine, Enigma, Affluent, Servile, Odoriferous, and Notorius

  61. Hi! I have an idea for a book I want to write which uses the metaphor of a puppeteer. I just need help coming up with a climax or a plot. Here’s the idea so far: A young girl called Violet lives with her grandmother. Her grandmother is like a puppeteer, making all her choices. Violet feels trapped because of her grandmother’s ancient way of thinking. Later on in the story, Violet’s grandmother dies(the puppeteer’s strings are cut loose) and she’s on her own. Basically, does anyone have any ideas for what Violet’s grandmother was constricting her about? It will be what Violet is striving to get, but her grandmother is standing in the way.

    P.S. sorry this is all over the place, hope you understand what I mean.

  62. I don’t have any ideas, but it sounds like an amazing story Deniz!
    Start with writing a rough draft, and than work your way from there.
    May I ask why her grandmother, and not her mother, is controlling her? What happened to her parents? Did her grandmother kill them?
    P.S. It sounds amazing!!!!!

  63. Deniz the story line is really amazing i was thinking about her hiding things from her grandmother and her grandmother finds out which is what leads to her grandmothers death. now that she’s on her own she starts fending fro her self by stealing , until like years later she’s like 16 now , one day she tries to steal from a billionaire’s son,he catches her and offers her a job and so on something happens his father dies living him with a inheritance he cannot control on his own. but his fathers company advisers aren’t much help either because they are soul set on the money. he decide he can only trust Olivia. sorry if this not what you were looking for but maybe this is really sorry.
    after the funeral her grandmother was the only relative willing to take he into her custody 12 years after that she has piratically taken over Olivia’s life. Olivia come home one day and finds the door open and a ambulance on the driveway, she get in time to her grandma falling limp on the stretcher. days later she’s going through another funeral and this time. there’s no there for her she wishes her grandma could have let her go out with friends instead of considering things other than studying to be the best nonsense. something like that could work and since Olivia is all grown up now she has an opinion that not her grandma’s. thanks if you read this

  64. Hey, I need to write a 100 word story using the word epiphany, and I am not sure what to do. Can you help me?

  65. I have started off like this, now I am not sure what to do next.
    The glowing stars on the ceiling of the girl’s bedroom were no match for the bright glow of her phone. Her fingers flew across the screen, typing furiously on social media, and her forgotten homework lay scattered on her desk.
    Please can somebody help?

    1. You could add a bit about her parents and hint about the time you could also slightly explain what sort of person she might be

  66. Hi I need some help
    I am going to write a story called stand alone it’s about identical twins who are going to a really posh only girl boarding school but I don’t know what the school should be called. Can you help?
    Possibly royal type names like Kingston but I don’t want to use that as it sounds a bit like a boys school name

    1. These may not be what you are looking for, but here are some ideas:
      Skyline Academy
      Madeira School of the Arts

      They’re really bad I’m sorry, but I hope you get some inspiration.

    1. what about if one of them is a wanted criminal who eats peoples limb in front of them while they are still alive?

  67. Hey, I really need immediate help.
    I need to write a dystopian story (5-6pgs). I was thinking of using royalty as well.
    Any help would be useful.

  68. I make silent animations and I use story generators since there aren’t many good animation generators. So far I haven’t had any luck with my story. Can anyone give me ideas?

  69. Can anyone help to create a plot, based on theses words, confetti, explosions, spirits, forest, a girl

  70. Can anyone help me create a plot based on these words, love triangle, high school, a girl, bullies, demons, sad

  71. Hey!
    I need to come up with a short story and I want to do it based off of a dream I had:
    Girl walking through old bookstore with sunlight cascading on the dust and books. Girl strolls around, browsing the books. Some sort of commotion happens outside and all the shoppers gather around the large windows to see. As the girl approaches, a very cute boy looks at the book she’s holding and says that’s one of his favourite books.
    I don’t really know where to go from there OR what the commotion outside was bu I reallyyy would like to base it around this idea! Thank u!

  72. my friend and i have been working on a story about a group of marines that somehow end up in a desert, the main character is Axell who is a young marine who hasn’t had much experience and is separated from the rest and has to protect the president by himself. we got kinda stuck 60 pages in then realised we forgot to plan. can anyone help with the plot?

  73. Hi,
    Can any one help me with a very short story with the following words.

    on a run, , Money, Road, Girl, dark comedy-drama,tumultuous,maifa,escape,Boy,love,evil grandma,

    The story should include all these words at least once. It’s urgent.


    1. I meant as a Plot, it has to start like a rich girl who hates her life and runs away from home, Police are looking for her as she named as the missing girl, try to change their identities, “friend” with a handsome street boy or something
      I have the ideas in my head is just that I don’t how to approach it. might just put them in pull point or list.
      – Her grandma is taking care of the children while their parents are away for business matter
      – Has big brother who doesn’t give much attention to her little sister
      – Has a hash and strict grandma who also is an abusive woman, which the girl hate very much
      – The girl decided to run away home
      – She bumped to a boy and got involved in a group of mafia

  74. Hi,
    Can any one help me create a plot for a short story with the following words and theme.
    Theme- underwater
    Words- waves, deep, endless, marine, abyss  and aqua.

    1. (your character) was looking forward to a day of relaxation down the beach from the marine boat docks. He wanted to go deep sea diving with some friends, but as they dove deeper into the abyss, they realized their aqua lungs were not filled with oxygen. He had personally checked them prior to going out on the boat, and they were full. Every person on the boat was down there with him now, and they all showed indicators of only half full, so …. WHO DONE IT?

  75. Just published my first book in the series. Started on 2nd book and went blank. All I got was how the Prince and his wife went to a local resort with other teachers for a nice holiday and teacher workshops. And then I went totally blank. Can anyone kick start me with a plot idea or something? I am on a limited time line in doing this. Thank you!

    1. If you still need help I can help you. If you want you can make Jane the narrator and the main character, and then you can begin it like this “this all started when me and Alex where in (any grade). My friend (any name), was in the same group he was in, and she made me join that club. And that’s when i met him.” If you need more help you can reach me at mulugetat@go.lisd.net

  76. Hi need ideas for a book and is about a kid going through hard times and runs away thinking it will solve his problems but doesn’t

    1. Her/his mom is very mean. But she just wants the best for her daughter/son. She has been through lots of things, lots of abuse herself and doesn’t want her kid to make the same mistake as she did. But the kid doesn’t understand it. Her mother works as much as she can so her kid can have a future , which she never had. But the kid can’t respect it and wants another life. Then she/he leaves home and decides to leave his/her own life. But that’s when she/he understands how hard life actually is and how he/ she is nothing without her/his mom. And wants to go back but can’t because something bad happend to him

  77. Can someone help me think of an idea of a short story that has to be 700 words about secrets please? I’m desperate

  78. SO I want to write a romance book, but for teens. I have lots of scenes but I can’t put them together in a book because I don’t know how to begin. Can someone please give me an idea . The main character is Jane. She is going to fall in love with Alex. I know how they are going to meet . But how am I supposed to start the book? Please help me

  79. who do you want to be the main character? Start with background information on them and then jump into a scene wee they are maybe in the rain or somewhere were you can describe the setting easily.

  80. I am having serious writers block. I haven’t written anything in awhile and i want to get back into the habit of writing. At the moment i have a vague idea of a story i want to write but i cannot seem to put the ideas together. Usually i write fantasy genre but i’m looking to write something new. My idea is loosely based on the book The Fault in our stars but John Green. My main protagonist miraculously survived her families car crash but she now lives with a chronic lung disease. Help…?

    1. I like the idea of writing a romantic book for teens but, struggle with the female perspective. It would be fun to work with a writer to give the female perspective. I am happy to use a published book as a format guide or start from scratch with brainstorming plot lines and characters and build sample pieces of dialogue for key scenes and power shifts. if anyone is interested then please contact me at RicKando@mail.com

  81. Love your website and this generator! I went through several and copied my favorite ones. I will let you know if I end up using any of them. Thank you for providing this!

  82. A junior high boy reads his mother’s diaries and discovers she regularly thinks about killing him and herself. What does he do?

  83. Hey, can anyone help me with this character background-
    I’m tryna make it about a girl, who is a former royal because her mother was betrayed by the current queen (the girls mother would have been queen if she wouldn’t have been killed).
    I don’t know how to add onto it because i’m not very skilled… And the wording could be better, so can someone please help me out here!

  84. I need some help. I’m in the midst of coming up with a plot for a short film. All I have is a location and cast. It takes place at a lake in the middle of a forest and it has one person who’s name is Sean Lynn. Any ideas on a plot?

  85. Can someone help me, write me a short story. I have a friend when I wa a kid, we played everytime I’m in their house. But until such time she had a car accident which her father decided to move another place. I feel sad of what happen because we became apart. I become only which help me not be so friendly with others. Then when I was grade 11 and 12 which is I move into another guardians who helped me study even my parents are still alive it became more lonely for since I was so close to my mother. I felt sadness, stress but happy at the same time because I learn a lot experience like cooking. In school, I met Ashly which became my so close classmate. I was with her until the graduation of my 12th grade. But after that graduation, I decided again to go back to my hometown. It taught me that it is never easy to be with other that is not really relative to you. But it gave me a lesson. Please make it a realization in the end then a happy ending.

  86. Hi,
    Can any one help me with a very short story with the following words.

    “Children, poor, forest, firewood, dark, lost, cave, tired, treasure box, paint brush, boat, river, real, home, happy”

    The story should include all these words at least once. It’s urgent.


  87. Ok ok I need it VERY urgently! I’m in illustrator, not a Writer, not a film student, but this campaign has led me to a blank comic template!!!! I need a short comic plot with the film students heroically Saving the day and I’m not married to this, but I assume saving the day with their hard hitting, Script writing, cinematography, raw documentaries, of course exposing the truth, bringing people together through film.. lol. Seriously though.. through the documentaries…??? Oh boy I’m in trouble..

  88. One of your prompts refers to someone who has ‘recently transitioned into a man’ but continues to refer to that person as she/her – please could you fix this?

  89. this chapter is about getting her wife back because she was kidnapped by her wife’s abusive ex husband who can’t seem to let go and she and her crew are going on a mission to save her…

    please help i’m having writers block

  90. Hi, can someone help me write a story using the following: grimace, holocaust, impervious, impetus, jeopardy, meticulous, nostalgia, quintessence, retrogress, scrutinize, tepid, adroit, amicable, averse, belligerent, benevolent, cursory, duplicity, extol, and feasible?

  91. Such great ideas and helpful tips! It got my mind going, running through hundreds of story endings for each of them. When I do this, I gather new book topics that get my hands itching to begin writing!

  92. I find it funny that people think that Mormons are polygamous when in fact we’re completely monogamous. This does not only kindles hatred against our church but it’s also quite offensive. Please change this.

  93. I want to write a book called “Before The Storm” having something to do with 2 lovers (Iris Williams She/They and Cade King They/Them) I have no ideas, but I really wanna finish this ^^

  94. I have a idea for a story but dont know what to do with it a person is dying but the soul refuses to for it is afraid to die it wants to be imortal and will fight to luve on even if the body is dying the vessel it is in like everyone else when its time to die its time but it wants to live fighting fie imortal

  95. I am writing a story about two rival actors that have to do a romance movie together, but that’s just the overall idea I don’t know what to add to deepen the plot. Any ideas?

    1. Okay, so…
      What if Rival #1 actually has something going on, (like some sort of mental disorder) and Rival #2 told Rival #1 that they needen’t worry nor care about (mental disorder). That starts your rivalry, and it keeps everything in check.
      Also, another thing. I always liked writing (and reading!) books that had the people be besties at some point. When I read your prompt, it made me think of my life, and how my former BF and I were.

  96. can anyone help me , ive to write a short story using these three words:
    Pvc pipe, roller skates and a notebook

  97. can someone please write a story about to girl best friends who live in London and always go down to a little cafe until it get torn down…i need it by wednesday you use little adds on pleaseeeee

  98. Hello! I am trying to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. I like to write random realistic fiction, and I had a sort of different, futuristic idea about a plot/story line. Here it is:

    In Angel Abbott’s dimension, death goes like this. When you die, you are born soon after as a different person, with a different family, different memories, and a different consciousness. No one has ever remembered their past life. Ever. But when Angel turns thirteen, she has a dream. And in the dream, she sees things that happened to her in her past life. And she – and her best friend – need to find the family of the teenager that she used to be, to heal several open wounds.

    In this dystopian novel, a young girl and her best friend go on a journey to stitch the fabric of her dimension, and rip the fabric of another one.

    Can I have feedback? Please? I’m not so sure about it and I want some good criticism so I can make it better. Again, no hate, I’m only (almost) twelve, so obviously I can’t be expected to write something AMAZING. But I want it to be at least DECENT. Thanks for taking your time to read thins! Feedback would be great! Bye! <3

    1. I am also a young writer, (13) and I think your idea is really good! A few of my books are starting to get going as in, well, people are reading them on google docs. I write with multiple people.
      One thing to remember, Ava, is that you have to revise, revise, revise. In the beginning, you need some ideas forming in your head. Then, by the end, you should be able to put them down on paper!

  99. Hi! I read through the comments and you guys are so creative! I have a dream to become a writer but I want to make a fantasy book but I’m stumped any ideas? Any tips or suggestions for the fantasy book would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  100. Hi! I’m struggling with starting my story its kinda realistic fiction kinda fantasy. The main character is nick and I have a plot I just can’t start it. Nick is a 18 year old who still lives in his parents house. He soon leaves and moves into an apartment with his girlfriend. thats all I have for now PLS HELP ME START IT IDK HOW!!! any help would be awesome thanks!-Charlotte

  101. I need a short story about a food server, set in a kitchen. It needs to be 100 to 300 words. I have to know what my character is afraid of, what motivates them, and what the central conflict is. Urgent!

  102. Um, since when have there been polygamous LDS communties in St. George? Polygamy is not a part of the church and hasn’t been since it was very first started. Also, even then I don’t think an 18 year old girl would be betrothed to a much older man. Please get your facts straight. Thank you!

  103. I´m a microfiction writer interested on using a story generator to help me while thinking on new potential stories