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100 Ways to End a Story (with examples)

There is a certain magic in a well written ending. It must be both satisfying and surprising, unexpected and also perfectly fitting.

But where do you stop? Which sentences are the last sentences?

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12 Ways to End a Chapter (With Brilliant Examples)

Every time a reader finishes a chapter, they have the chance to put down your book.

Don’t let them.

You want them to stay up to 3 a.m. even though they have work the next day, because that’s the type of reading experience they’ll gush to others about. You have to read this book.

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Write the Perfect Ending: 6 Ways to Satisfy Readers

HowYou’ve been dreaming about this moment since the beginning. It’s what you’ve been working towards this whole time, and now you’re finally ready to wrap it all up and create that perfect ending to your story. So how are you going to do it?

Consider this your brainstorming session. Learn from these examples how to end a story, and try to imagine how you would write each of them. Some of them might not work for your story, but at least one will. Try out a couple styles and see what you like!

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