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12 Steps to Write a Bestselling Novel (in less than 6 months)

Hi, I’m John Fox, and as an editor I’ve helped hundreds of authors write, edit and publish their novels.

If you’re planning on writing a novel, you’ve come to the right place. Let me guide you through the process.

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7 Ways to Write a Story Within a Story (Nested Stories)

A key part of writing a novel is figuring out the structure of your story. However, this structure might actually only be one layer of your novel.

Complex plots often contain multiple layers of story.

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5 Steps to Write a Young Adult Novel

Young Adult novels, or YA, has been spiking in popularity.

According to Publisher’s Weekly, sales of Young Adult novels rose by 18.6% between 2020 and 2021 despite the pandemic.

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7 Steps to Writing a Smart Mystery

how to write a mysteryMystery fiction is a plot-driven genre. Because of this, both plot and character must be handled differently in mysteries than in literary fiction.

This does not mean that character—or any other element of fiction—can be neglected in a mystery story.

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7 Steps to Write Engaging Historical Fiction

How to Write a Historical NovelWhile science fiction is often set in the future, historical fiction is set in the distant past.

Just like sci-fi, historical fiction authors must develop genre-specific techniques to create stories set in a different time period.

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8 Tips for Writing a Novel

Guest Post by Jody J. Sperling

If you’re given to quitting, writing novels isn’t for you.

If you’re happier writing than reading, don’t bother writing.

But if you’ve bolted your heels to concrete blocks, and if you view failure as a bridge over the black abyss, and if you’d rather be reading than climbing mountains or watching television or snowboarding, write a book.

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25 Terrible Ways to Start a Novel

How to start a novelWondering how to start a novel?

Well, avoid these 25 mistakes and you’ll be well on your way.

This list was made in honor of NaNoWriMo, which started yesterday, and I post it as a tribute to all those souls trying to knock out 50,000 words in a mere 30 days. Good luck to all of you.

But if you want more than luck, read these tips for how to start a novel and avoid some frequent pitfalls!

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Don’t Write a Fantasy Novel Before Reading These 8 Tips

Do you want to be the next JK Rowling and write a smashingly good fantasy novel that will earn almost as many good reviews as it does money?

Or maybe you want to tap into the creative half of your brain and let off some steam before smoke starts spouting from both ears?

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