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30 Writer’s Conferences for 2020

These 30 writing conferences across the United States offer countless opportunities to hone your craft, network with industry professionals, and have a blast with fellow writers!

Conferences can even become an integral part of the pitching process as they offer face to face time with agents. That’s just about impossible to replicate unless you live in New York and have impeccable sleuthing skills.

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12 Fantastic Writing Retreats in Latin America (plus the Caribbean!)

If you are at all like me, you fantasize about leaving it all behind–the job, the husband and kids, the yappy dog. Not for good, no, that’s a different post. Just for a week, maybe two, to go to a writing retreat.

You dream of traveling to a far away, preferably warm, but maybe not-so-warm (this is your make-believe moment, too) place where you can while away the days at a beautiful beach or curb-side cafe, writing your forthcoming novel.

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Why I Chose a Business Conference over a Writing Conference

Why Writers Should Attend Business ConferencesAs a writer, I’ve attended my fair share of writing conferences: AWP (many times), Bookexpo, Squaw Valley Writers’ Conference, and many more.

So this year I decided to attend a business conference instead, and it was a wise decision. I attended the GO Summit by Fastermind, an intimate, 100-person conference, and it was revolutionary.

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18 Writing Conferences Every Writer Should Attend

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Conferences are fantastic ways for writers to meet agents, editors, and colleagues, to get feedback on their writing, and to get away from their desk.

Most of these cost money, but some have scholarships, and others are relatively cheap, so don’t let finances keep you from furthering your writing career.

Here are 18 conferences that should be able to serve as an asset to writers of all stripes.

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