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18 Writing Conferences Every Writer Should Attend

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Conferences are fantastic ways for writers to meet agents, editors, and colleagues, to get feedback on their writing, and to get away from their desk.

Most of these cost money, but some have scholarships, and others are relatively cheap, so don’t let finances keep you from furthering your writing career.

Here are 18 conferences that should be able to serve as an asset to writers of all stripes.

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Writing Encouragement That Will Cheer You Up


Writers everywhere have a similar problem. When I tell people that I want to have a career in writing, most of them look at me like I grew 2 extra heads.

I’ve even had someone tell me it is “a waste of money to go to school for writing.” 

I don’t let their comments affect me, though, because the only reason they think that is because they don’t truly understand what it’s like to be a writer. It’s something that only fellow writers can understand.

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14 Podcasts Every Writer Should Listen To

14 Podcasts Every Writer Should Listen To

I’ve never listened to a podcast that I didn’t find insightful. Maybe I just have great taste in podcasts? Even when I was laughing my butt off while listening to Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher, I still managed to learn something from their witty humor.

These 14 podcasts for writers will introduce you to new books, teach you new techniques in writing, new marketing skills, and help you build a writing community. 

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How 50 Famous Authors Find Writing Inspiration

Writing InspirationWhat if writers could perform a magic trick to gain inspiration?

They might not be magic tricks, but many of the writers on this list have tried-and-true techniques.

This post lets you in on the secrets of how professional writers manufacture inspiration (hint: it’s not just reading and taking a long walk).

When the gears of your brain get stuck, refer to this list and pick your 3 favorite techniques. Try them and leave a note in the comments about which one worked best for you.




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